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Martyrs of Marriage – THROUGH IMAGES







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Lawyer meeting Jhansi

Dilapidated courts

Reached Gorakhpur

When I reached Gorakhpur

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Meerut…The Beginnings

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Frame setting….Exposure checks

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Multiple times when I broke down

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Bangalore with Shafat Bhai

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Gulping the reality down

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Candle light march for Manoj Kumar

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Avadhesh Yadav’s home…The champ

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With the most respectable Justice Dhingra

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Train Journeys….

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Wearing the Work


Sound Recordist sometimes


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Series of assaults, false cases, threats, torture by wife, blind eye of system & suicide – The Story of Arvind Bharti

He left physiotherapy to pursue law when he understood that justice in India is meant only for women and until he knows the law, he can never rescue himself. Luckily he did rescue himself from a false dowry case when he was discharged from the fabricated case his wife filed on him. Little did he know that she will never let him be.


PS: We are doing a peace march from Arvind Bhartis home, C5/17, Yamuna Vihar to Bhajan pura police station on 23rd December, Saturday 4pm onwards. Call 9891122555 – Nitin Bharti for any query. Join if you can.

Arvind Bharti, a young lawyer from Delhi committed suicide on 15th December 2017 by jumping on rail tracks, chopped by train who was as blind and deaf to his sight as the law and police enforcement of India is for a man. These are not my words but his own that he wrote in several suicide notes he left detailing his harassment over years by his wife and in-laws even after he got divorced from her. He planned everything. Conviction to end his life arose from series of atrocities committed upon him by his wife. First a false dowry case, then several Lacs to give him a divorce, then keeping him hostage naked for four days, then alleging rape on him , then beating him up wherever she saw him, then getting him thrown out of the job wherever he went, then ensuring that he never gets married again by ruining his alliance, then telling him that his only option was to commit suicide.

He DID. Because she used to tell him that no one’s gonna listen to him. That the law is handicap in front of her and he has no choice because she won’t let him live.

He wrote how system, law, police were her puppets and he of theirs and how ending his life was the only way to come out of those clutches.

It’s been seven days since Arvind died and not even an FIR has been registered so far. He was right when he wrote that even his death won’t change much. Apart from some hindi newspapers, no other media has covered his case. No debates. No furore. No prime time shouting.

If you’re reading this and wish to get him justice, send his suicide note to Prime Minister Modi and seek an answer. Tag PMO on Twitter and demand an action. Ask our law minister if he has answer for this student of law. Ask everyone a question – IS THE LAW AND JUSTICE OF THIS COUNTRY ONLY MEANT FOR WOMEN?

Read his suicide note here:










Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

Independent Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker

Twitter : @DeepikaBhardwaj


A 498A Survivor : Filing divorce for Men in India is not only dangerous but outright toxic!!

His wife filed a criminal case on him and his elder sisters only because he sought divorce because of her unreasonable demands. He was incarcerated for 10 days because of this alleged crime. He lost his job, career and peace. But he did not relent. He fought and he won. Read the story of another man falsely accused under 498A, whose life changed forever due to law abuse. I have not mentioned the person’s name as it might affect his pending litigation adversely.

1) Share with us your case in brief. Like when did you get married, why did things fall out and reason for 498A.

I got married in February 20**. It was an arranged marriage. They responded to our advertisement in newspaper seeking a suitable match for me. My native place is located at suburban ******.  My wife’s paternal house is located around 18 kms from my native place. I had been staying out of my state for last 15 years.  Before marriage, I made it clear to my (would be) wife that I would remain outside my state till I take retirement from service. Simultaneously, I also requested for her passport to be made as I explained to her that during the course of my service, we may also relocate outside India. I also shared my plan that post retirement, I am definitely going to come back to my native and stay there. She did not object and was in complete agreement, throughout. We got married and after spending six days at my native, we relocated to *****, where I was posted at the point of time. We went for honeymoon and came back. Things were good till she started insisting that I should relocate to our native, close to her paternal house.

I was shocked when she said that her father has told her that after marriage husband listens to her wife and it would be easy for her to force me to relocate as per her wish. I did not agree to her proposal for obvious reasons as it did not suit my career plans. More so, I felt cheated as we frankly discussed everything before marriage and she did not object at that time. This relocation became a major point of disagreement and finally culminated into issues that lead her to file the case u/s 498a & 406 with false allegations against me and my married elder sisters.

2) Your case involves unreasonable demands by your wife. Please elaborate on that and what did you suffer as a consequence? Was there abuse and violence involved when you disagreed with her or did not bow down to her demands?

In the year 20**, the organization I was working for at that time, nominated me to work from their US office. They processed my work permit (H1 Visa) and I was supposed to relocate with my wife next year. I shared the same info with my wife. She agreed but put forward her unreasonable demand that I need to take my parents-in-law along with us. I tried to reason with her that technically it is not feasible at that point of time. However, she was adamant that either I should take my parents-in-law along with us or I should give up this opportunity. She further insisted that she is not ready to stay with me at place of my posting at that time as well if her parents don’t stay with us otherwise I must relocate to her paternal house. She was pregnant at that time and unilaterally declared that I and my family members would not be allowed to see the baby till I agree to her demands.  Her parents in concurrence with her warned me that there would be legal consequences as I am spoiling their daughter’s life and my sisters’ married life shall not be spared too.

Prospect of rewarding career opportunity being vanquished in bud before it could have blossomed, imminent threat of criminal cases on self & married elder sisters that could put their family life into complete disarray and ultimate deprivation in not being allowed to see own child, made me suffer severe mental agony which is inexpressible by words.

3) Who all were implicated in your cases and what were the main allegations?

My elder sisters and I were implicated in the 498a/406 case. Both of my elder sisters were married prior to our own marriage and were settled at their matrimonial home at different cities. The allegations were like this – My elder sisters used to advise me over phone, to commit physical and mental torture on my wife and I used do such torture on her. I used to keep her confined in a room. I did not take proper care of her during pregnancy. I did not provide her with food and medicines and I did torture on her by taking her for checkup with doctor, multiple times.  I used to force her do all domestic works. I did not allow her to talk to her parents over the phone. I throw water on bed and forced her to leave the bedroom.

4) Did you have to go to Jail? How did that impact you as a person?

Yes, I was taken in judicial custody. I spent 10 days in custody. It is difficult to gauge the impact though I can say for sure that something inside me changed for ever. I would not be able to get over the ignominy and social stigma of being in jail for rest of my life. My reputation, reputation of my family name got ruined.

5) Please share the absolutely bizarre things that happened in your case – any allegation or lies beyond expression…

My wife alleged that my sisters advised me to force her to go for regular medical check-up by different physicians during the period of her pregnancy and this was nothing but torture for her. Regular Medical check-up during pregnancy is normal and advised by Doctors. However, my wife alleged such check-up as torture and cruelty on her as contemplated under section 498A of the IPC. I filed for divorce from her and she alleged that such divorce petition was mental cruelty on her as contemplated under section 498A of the IPC. The right to marry or being aggrieved pray for dissolution of marriage is borne out of civil rights and cannot be construed as criminal offence but still I was charged and tried.

6) What’s your opinion on a husband filing for divorce in India? Do you think it’s highly dangerous? Does he have any options?

Arindam AcquittalA husband can always file for divorce but under present legal scenario in India, he needs to realize that by doing so he is opening the flood gates of legalized harassment and extortion on him and his family members. On a counter blast he shall receive all kinds of cases, the judiciary is going to look down upon him and penalize him at every step and his woes are not going to end there. He will be alienated from his child. He may end up losing is job and further get penalized for his inability to fulfill exorbitant demands of maintenance. Filing divorce, for Men in India is not only dangerous but outright toxic. And most importantly, there is nothing like a contested divorce for Indian men. Under present family laws and related legal setup, a married Indian man is a sitting duck in case his marriage is on the rocks.  It doesn’t matter if he is at fault or he isn’t. Invariably he will be considered as the perpetrator of marital violence and his wife innocent victim of such atrocities.

7) Were there any demands made by your wife to settle these cases? What were they?

Yes there were demands. I need to compromise. I need to be in control of her and her parents. I need to stay at her paternal house.

8) When did you decide that you will fight? What made you take that decision?

My wife left the matrimonial home in my absence. After giving birth to our child, she did not allow me to see the child and threatened me with more cases if I attempt to visit her and the child without agreeing to her demands. I received a severe emotional jolt that helped me firm my resolve to fight against this legal terrorism.  Simultaneously, I got in touch with SIF (Save Indian Family). After talking to fellow SIFIANs, I got the courage and the resources to take on the ‘Legal Terrorists’.

9) How did you fight? Any advice you have for people who are fighting false cases?

This fight is more against self than anyone else as it is 90% mental and 10% legal. First and foremost I had to lose fear. I realized that nothing worst can happen to me. I equipped myself with legal knowledge to be in a better position to tackle and navigate through the legal cobweb. My advice would be to keep things simple. Be confident. Be fearless. The case is false and you need not to do anything but speak the truth. Rest all will be taken care.

10) You won your battle relatively quickly. How did you manage to do that. Any advice for people who also wish to get quick justice?

Before everything, I had to make up my mind that I am going to end the criminal case and not let it linger. I studied the different remedies available vis. a vis. time required and concluded to stand trial as it came out as the cheapest and quickest way to end this ordeal. As the trial commenced, I had a two pronged approach. I sought speedy trial before the Court and simultaneously worked in the background personally, to remove all the possible latches which normally is taken care by advocate’s peon or juniors. My advice to others would be having proper communication with advocate by giving clear instructions. Don’t miss court dates. Be present inside the court room and raise your concern, if any in a polite manner. It’s your case and you need to take control of it.

11) You lost your job, very precious years of your life and also opportunity abroad. Who would you blame for that? Do you think anything can makeup for that pain?

I would blame my wife’s lawyer who ill advised her to file this criminal case, the Learned Court which took cognizance without applying its judicial mind as mandated by the law. I blame the legislator of this country to frame such a law which is so easy to be misused and absolutely no consequences on misuse. I blame my wife for not being honest with her intentions before marriage. And lastly I blame myself for not being informed enough to know how easily my life can be ruined by being married under present legal system in India.

Nothing can makeup the loss I faced. But Yes my pain could have been alleviated to some extent if the court while declaring the case against me being filed with “malafide intentions” and was “abuse of the process of law”, would have also created a precedent by ordering appropriate proceedings against my wife, which would passed a message to the society that such misuse would not be tolerated in future. It would have spared a few innocent lives in the future.

12) Did the judge even after writing so clearly that the case was false, announce any punishment for your wife whatsoever?

No. No punishment was ordered for such gross abuse of the process of law.

13) Do you think that’s an injustice to you?

I would not stop at calling it injustice but it is a tight slap on the face of the judicial institution as unscrupulous people get encouraged when they observe their misdeeds getting unpunished. And honest people lose faith and respect for the institution itself.

14) Now that you have won, what are the future plans?? Have you become scared of marriage?

I have won the criminal case only. There is a pending case of maintenance and divorce. I have a child too for which I intend to seek physical custody. Winning the criminal case automatically doesn’t put a favorable end to the other cases. I need to go to each court and re-establish my innocence. Such is the system.

I may still have to end up paying maintenance to a wife who admittedly filed a false case on me.
I may still be alienated from my child without any fault of mine or the child.

I am scared and scarred. My ability to trust is the ultimate casualty.  I know that all women are not at fault. But I do not know how to identify the woman who won’t misuse the benevolent provisions of law when there is absolutely no consequence for such misuse.

However, I do see some light at the end of the tunnel. My association with SIF has given me a new found purpose in life i.e. to stand by the side of the men who fall victim to such legal abuse and share my experience to help them overcome their hour of distress.

Excerpts from 498A Acquittal JUDGMENT of this 498A Survivor:

“Before parting with the instant, case it is apt to mention here that PW1 has equivocally stated in her evidence that she has lodged this case as a counter blast to the mat suit lodged by her husband. Had he not sent such notice of divorce suit she would not have lodged this case. She wish to stay with him and lead her conjugal life. Thus, in such circumstance and the poor way in which she has fared cross-examination, it appears that DC has intentionally and in a motivated way, to settle a civil dispute (divorce), abused the process of law and set the criminal law in motion against the hapless husband and his poor family members who happens to be his married elder sisters with an impression that if a person could somehow be entangled in a criminal prosecution, there is a likelihood of imminent settlement by applying pressure through criminal prosecution. This establishes the malafide intention of the DC as she lodged the police case against the accused person(s) as an alternative to be used as leverage to settle the (civil) dispute that arose with A1 seeking divorce from her. The DC has cited the divorce suit filed by the A1 as a mental cruelty u/s 498a of the IPC. A free citizen of India, enjoys a civil right to marry of his choice or being aggrieved, seek divorce through dissolution of the marriage. Such exercise of civil right to seek divorce cannot be construed as a criminal offence. Any effort to settle civil disputes (divorce) and claims, which do not involve any criminal offence, by applying pressure through criminal prosecution should be deprecated and discouraged. The DC has alleged cruelty done by sisters-in-law who admittedly were married prior to DC’s own marriage to A1 and were settled at their matrimonial home at Chinsurah and Jadavpur. The bald allegations made against the sister in law by the DC appeared to suggest the anxiety to rope in as many of the husband’s relatives as possible. The sisters-in-law had never lived with DC and her husband, A1. Their implication in the complaint is meant to harass and humiliate the husband’s relatives. This seems to be the only basis to file this complaint against the married sisters-in-law”

Editor’s Note: The Judge has not passed any directives for any kind of punishment/fine/ to the wife in this case or a compensation to the husband. Two women who were married had to suffer a criminal case for no fault of theirs but that also doesn’t warrant any action on the woman who filed this case. If laws are allowed to be such blatantly misused, this entire quest for equality is a fake facade.

He is fighting his battle of Marriage. He is winning it Step By Step….

When you fight a battle against your wife – you are not fighting her, you are fighting against an entire system that is framed against you. Here’s sharing from a man who got 498Aed in his second marriage. He did not lose despite losing his father to it. He chose to FIGHT. And he is winning it slowly. If you are fighting one of your own, read this and choose for yourself.

Disclaimer: I am not revealing the identity of this man since he is yet to win his 498A. But it’s a story worth sharing. We would bring his interview again once he wins the last leg of this battle too. We are sure he would!!


1. Share with us your case briefly, when did you get married, why did the marriage break down and when were the cases filed.
Mine is a 2nd marriage. First wife had an affair with a colleague in her MNC. She went abroad, never came back. Came to sign MCD(mutual consent divorce) only. Married 2nd time in March **** in ******* , and got married to a 498a girl i.e. she filed full package on her first husband too ( i was unaware of all of this as even i do not know that there is something called 498a in this world. Anyhow, got married with her. She started her tantrums from day1. She wanted me to take liability of her mother permanently and spend money on her. I got job in 6 different countries with excellent package, but her mother interfered and wanted to join us on DEPENDENT Visa. I insisted to take her mother only on Visitor visa for short duration but my wife and her mother were forcing me for Dependent Visa, which triggered them and they created ruckus at my home 2-3 times, called neighbors and my father could not tolerate this and one day he passed away due to cardiac arrest. After 20 days of his death, she filed 498a FIR in *****. Then after 14 months of separation she filed DV(Domestic Violence) case. Above all she has a daughter from her first marriage, i was ready to accept her daughter. She wanted my parents either to transfer the property to her and kid or declare them as Legal Heirs via civil suit. She prepared the civil suit documents which we even accepted to sign but her over aggressiveness alerted us and finally my parents denied to sign the documents. This was also the reason for filing of 498a. Infact i got her kid admitted in top notch school at Gurgaon, paid almost 1.2 lakhs and still 498a was filed on me and my mother.


2. Was a 498A filed on you as well? If yes, how many family members of yours were implicated? Did you have to go to jail? How long and how did it affect you as a person?
Yes 498a is still going on . It is at evidence stage. Me and my widow mother (67 yrs old) have been made accused. Yes, i surrendered. I spent 3 nights in Jail. As a person it made me strong and now i cannot trust any woman. I took a decision to fight each case and not to surrender in front of legal terrorism.


3. Were you asked to settle the case by your wife? What did she demand to settle?
Yes, 50 lakhs. She took 6 lakhs from her first husband also.


4. When and why did you decide that you will fight? Is it easy to fight?
After filing of FIR, when first time my bail got rejected from Lower court on baseless allegations, I decided to fight this nonsense. No it is not easy to fight. One needs to devote time, as i do not depend on my lawyer. 95% work is done by me and 5% by my lawyer. Its a time consuming and moreover being a part of IT industry, i hardly get time. Still I am managing it anyhow by working 20 hours a day almost.


5. You have recently got your domestic violence case dismissed in the court of law. How were you able to achieve that?
The petitioner i.e. wife did not came to court even once. I started taking plea in front of judge to dismiss the case in default. After 3-4 hearings the hon’ble judge dismissed it in default i.e. DID. After this she filed an application to re-open i.e. restore the case which has been dismissed recently on merits.


6. What would your advice be to the people who get a false domestic violence case filed on them? What are the important things to be kept in mind to prove your innocence in these cases?
Important thing is to fight case on merits. Do not lie in courts and bring your good deeds in front of judge and show her bad conduct to the judge. It really helps even in getting dates from courts as per one’s wish.


7. In a lot of these cases, women demand maintenance despite being educated, qualified and earning themselves. Does the court look into merits of the case or DV orders are also passed in a mechanical way?
My case did not go to such stage, but i have noticed that DV orders are passed in a mechanical way IF the respondent i.e. husband do not fight the case properly, There are lot of strategies which needs to be adopted to bring the truth in front of Hon’ble judge. If one depends on lawyer, he is surely gonna fail.


8. What would be your generic advice to people who are implicated in false matrimonial cases? 
I have been actively involved with activities of SIF(save indian family). After fighting my own cases and meeting so many victims of false cases, my advice always is to FIGHT the case and not to settle at any cost. Fighting actually brings down morale of the girls parents including girls and they sometimes come to settle cases on 0 settlement.


9. How do you feel with this small victory of yours? Is it better to fight or settle the cases?
Victory always feels good. This is the 4 time we have tasted it. First my mom won Permanent Injunction suit. Then my wife filed a case to get my passport impounded, which i fought PIP and i won it in court as well as in RPO(Regional Passport Office). Then she filed DV which was dismissed i.e. DID and then she filed restoration which has been dismissed on merits.


10. What has been your biggest learning point in this journey? How have these cases changed you as a person?
Biggest learning point is not to trust WOMEN Blindly. Its a part of misandry to trust females without knowing them. Yes, absolutely i have learnt about the law of our land and got to know how our biased system works. And i took decision to always help others in their fight against false cases.


Editors’s Note: It is a common observation that in a lot of matrimonial disputes, complainants themselves do not appear in the court. I wonder who is asking for Justice here? When the complainant herself is not bothered about her complaints one can deduce the seriousness and veracity of that complaint. Irony is courts keep on giving dates after dates even if the woman doesn’t appear in courts. Failure of appearance by the man’s side however can lead to many repercussions. If this is not bias then what it?

A man can DIE but not DIVORCE

After my TEDx Talk I have been flooded with mails by victims of false dowry cases, rape cases, relationships gone bad and much more…..Here’s story of a young software engineer whose career, life, his father’s job are all at stake because he does not want to live with a woman who has caused so much misery to him and his entire family. Identity kept confidential to avoid any repercussion.


Hi Mam,

I  came across through your articles, videos about misuse of 498a on social media & decided to write about my case to you. My name is ****** , age 23yrs. I am from *****, Rajasthan. I am a software engineer.

I & my wife stayed together in ****** for only 16 days after marriage. One day we had some argument because she locked my younger sister & went out for 3-4 hours while I was in office. Next day she called her brother & returned to her home.I tried to communicate her but she changed her mobile number. My parents tried to talk to them but they put some illegitimate conditions ahead of us , main of them are-

1. Fixed deposit of 5 lakh in favor of my wife.
2. I should work only in her hometown or her parental house not at the city we were living in etc etc
I was unable to fulfill their demands because all money we had was spent in marriage & there is no good IT company in *******. I filed Section 9 to bring her back but she lodged complain in Women Commission. Police called us for talk in evening, we requested them to do it i morning but girl’s father refused.When I entered police station Circle Inspector threatened me to satisfy her demands & said nobody will be able to save you. But I refused. Then her father, brother started shouting & police arrested me & my father in Crpc 151 for breach of peace & advised my wife to file the case.
After they filed the case they tried best thing to get me , mainly to my father , a Govt employee to be arrested, as it would result in his suspension. So we left our home & started hiding. Meanwhile I was terminated by my company as I was absent. Lawyers were on strike so my brother in person applied for Anticipatory bail of my parents & we got it. After it they were very depressed as they wanted to send my father jail. Now my wife started saying in the court that she wanted to go back to her husband.
On hearing of my Anticipatory bail Judge tried to pressurize me to keep her with me but I refused. He  became & angry & rejected my Anticipatory bail on ground of my refusal & attitude.
Now everywhere she is saying to come back so I agreed to take her from her home in hearing of 482. When I reached her home. Nobody even asked me to get in their house. Feeling insulted I returned. Next day in High Court  she came in saree with bag & said  she was  ready to go directly from court with me.When I started telling about what happened when I visited her house to take her.  Judge asked me if you want to keep her take her now ” As obvious I refused because it was a drama by her only before the court.
Now everyone is accusing me why I’m not ready to take her back.Nobody listens whatever reasons I give.
I have written a letter to President & chief Justice of India about impact of the grounds of my bail rejection which was My refusal to take her back.
But nobody has replied to me. Now taking example from my case everyone in Rajasthan has accepted that if you refuse to take her back before the cout they would reject your Anticipatory bail application.
Thanks for reading my email And sorry if I wasted your precious time.
My two cents: Women rights activists say that a woman’s life is more important than the marriage. Her right to divorce paramount and that too with a compensation because it is not easy for a girl in India to get married. I have a Question – then why is it forced upon a man to continue living with his wife even if she is abusive and ill treat his parents and file cases on drop of a hat? what exactly would you call this demand of deposit of 5 lacs as a condition for her to return? Is this not dowry? Why can a man not take divorce in India without having to face 498A , domestic violence act, 125 and many more cases or he continues to be with a person who he does not want to be with ? Is it a cake walk for a family to get their son married again? We live in a highly misandrous society where the blame of a failed marriage is always put on the man. No matter how wrong the woman is, it is she who gets all the sympathy. Moreover, a man who has gone through so much just because of a non workable marriage, he thinks hundred times before marrying again. In this case a boy barely 23 years of age.
Sadly, parents of girls today are so angry for reasons best known to them that they think that the husband and his family are their slaves who they need to manipulate as per their whims and fancies.
If this continues, no sensible young man would marry in this country. We are surely headed for worse times for Indian Women. Cases will only sour and their conditions worse as they expose themselves to a world that leads to justice to apparently no one but the powerful!!
Disclaimer: This is an email sent by the victim. There is no reason for me not to believe this man’s words. This is not one of case but this is happening all across where parents of the girl keep conditions on slightest disagreements. Marriage is a relationship that both partners maintain by mutual trust and understanding and not one putting conditions on the other and making the other a slave. If you wish to share your story with us, write to martyrsofmarriage@gmail.com


I was invited by Focus News Channel today to debate on Supreme Courts recent decision that a man’s illicit affair can not be construed as Cruelty under IPC 498A. Their cab  got stuck and hence I couldn’t make it to the show (though I was connected via phone later.) Like all my debates, I had prepared some notes on this matter too and thought since I was not able to speak all, why not blog it.

SO as shared by the man’s counsel on TV – the matter relates to Rakesh Ghusabhai Chaurasia – a man not so well to do – who became a victim of LOVE. His love blossomed when he was a child, and she remained the love of his life. As destiny would have it, she got married to someone else and he to someone else too. His sweethearts marriage broke and she started meeting him again (please understand the woman comes back to him.) He falls again for her. His marriage collapses. She complains and he given in writing that he would stop meeting her. She doesn’t believe him and doubts that he is still involved. Situation worsens. He eventually confesses, he can not live without his love. She breaks down and decides to go back to her parent’s house after the festival of Holi. By this time, both of them had already started living separately in the same house. Barely 3 days before the festival, she consumes poison and ends her life. Her family complains and police files an FIR loaded with sections – 498A, 306 etc etc. Since marriage is already more than 8 years old, it doesn’t register a dowry death. Not only is the man locked up, his father, mother, his paramour, elder brother, his wife are all accused in the case. More details of the case can be filed below in the Judgment. Trial court convicts him. High Court also convicts him. SC acquits all, taking little time to realize that the HC and Trial court perhaps got swayed by emotions!

NOW – Why does this debate become important to me?

My fight in this field basically started with a similar case, opposite in gender. I was facing this woman who was adulterous and when her relationship was exposed, she cried DOWRY! When I asked lawyers/judges about what can be done in such a case, they told me “Even if a woman sleeps with another man in the house of her husband, he can barely do anything against her” I was shocked! But they told me the truth. While IT IS A CRIME for a man to venture out of his marriage, no matter how unhappy he is, no matter how abusive his wife is, no matter if his wife makes him feel like a piece of shit, no matter how arrogant his wife is, no matter how CHOKED he feels in the marriage, IT IS A MATTER OF RIGHT today for women – whether in rural pockets or urban pockets to venture out of marriage if they feel like! Reasons could be as ridiculous as her husband not earning enough but she can just do it and get away with it.

Read this: Out of all Paternity test cases conducted annually in Gujrat, in 98% cases, women fail the test!!! Which means that in 98% cases, the father is not the biological father of the child. Let me go a step ahead and confidently tell you that out of these cases 95% cases would be where husband would be facing a dowry case, domestic violence case by his wife. She would be asking for a huge settlement amount and alimony even though she is the wrong doer in the relationship. So, basically even if she has given birth to someone else’s child, there is little you can do. AND if you raise voice against it, you have DOZEN of cases waiting for you. Not only you – your entire family – because dragging someone in a dowry case/498A is as easy as saying “She/He demanded dowry from me”. You don’t need any evidence as you can read in the judgment below. The allegations on the mother and father of the man were that they snatched her salary – SO they can be 498A accused!

Read this: http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report-woman-living-with-husband-cannot-seek-maintenance-from-paramour-bombay-high-court-2057973

So, a woman who is already married, gets into a relationship with another man and has filed for maintenance from that man..instead of chiding her for indulging in adultery, the court is telling that a woman can not seek maintenance from paramour. I mean…how more ridiculous can it be?

Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HndQ8w2vXU

Two men commit suicide as their wives are busy with paramours. Leave 44/42 minute suicide video telling their stories. In one case, man had earlier written to the police of mental harassment by wife, but little did the police do anything to help him. He eventually hanged himself.

IPC 497 – the law for adultery does not hold a woman guilty of adultery but instead the man who she is adulterous with as the one guilty. It doesn’t matter whether the man knew that the woman is married or not, it is HE WHO PAYS. All that a husband can do if his wife is adulterous is file for divorce on grounds of adultery which is NOTHING LESS THAN IMPOSSIBLE to be proven in the court of law. And if he objects to it, he gets several cases by wife.


Another good read on adultery by “THE ELITE WOMEN”  who are cozying upto and running away with their gym instructors, taking huge PAYOUT as well.

Have a good laugh reading this too: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/Teacher-dupes-married-woman/articleshow/46293026.cms A married woman leaves her husband and kids and runs away with her lover and then later gets him only arrested. I MEAN …what the HECK!

Lemme add some spice to all this. WOMEN ORGANIZATIONS have now demanded that whether the child is born from the wedlock or outside the wedlock, a husband MUST pay for the CHILD. This demand is a part of the amendments to the domestic violence act.

When a man is adulterous, WOMEN label him cheap, sick, irresponsible, pervert, womanizer, bastard and much more. His wife is treated as the biggest victim and most women organizations ask such women to file several cases on him and “TEACH HIM A LESSON”

But when a woman is adulterous, even then it is a MAN’S FAULT. He must have been a psycho, alcoholic, wife beater, sexual assaulter or Impotent, stingy, leech that his woman went to another man.

When a woman is adulterous, it’s earth shattering for a man. When a man is adulterous, it’s emotional trauma for a woman. Still, laws have absolutely no concern for men whose wives cheat on them. A woman should NEVER BE PUNISHED come what may. She is always treated that gullible doll who is such a victim of circumstances.


If this wasn’t enough, I am now coming across cases almost on a daily basis where wives have got their husbands murdered with help of their paramours. A simple google search of #HusbandMurder or #CrimeAgainstMen would take you to recent such cases that I have tweeted. I know of a sister whose brother was killed barely a month after his marriage by his wife and her paramour. His head smashed while his wife dropped crocodile tears at home.

The ANCHOR on the show kept discussing if this SC verdict would give a free hand to married men to be adulterous. I beg to ask her – which court verdict told women that they can go and indulge in adultery? Why is it presumed that men want nothing in life – a peaceful home/family/children/decent job – but WOMEN ONLY? Why is it presumed that if laws weren’t there all that men on this earth would be doing is go around and have SEX?

Why is it that a man is called Sexual Pervert if he goes around and gets laid while a woman is called Sexually Liberated if she is getting laid?

The BIGGEST QUESTION OF ALL – WHY IS IT THAT A MAN’S ENTIRE FAMILY IS TAGGED CRIMINAL IF HE HAS “ALLEGEDLY” DONE SOMETHING WRONG? I have never seen police registering case against entire family and relatives of a woman if she has gone wrong in a marital relationship. THEN WHY ARE MEN AND THEIR ENTIRE FAMILIES BEING VICTIMIZED?

To end this note, before the judgment begin, know that this entire family has been doomed for life. All family members were incarcerated for long before getting out on Bail. They had to leave their home. They had to become NOMADS. Now, they would be starting their life from scratch. WHY – because a WOMAN DIED!





Ghusabhai Raisangbhai Chorasiya & Ors. …   Appellants


State of Gujarat                        … Respondent


Dipak Misra, J.

The present appeal, by  special  leave,  is  directed  against  the
judgment of conviction and order of sentence passed by the High Court of
Gujarat at  Ahmedabad  in  Criminal  Appeal  No.  444/2005  whereby  the
Division Bench has affirmed  the  conviction  recorded  by  the  learned
Additional Sessions Judge, Jamnagar, who had found the appellants guilty
of the offences punishable under Section 498A, 306, 201 and 114  of  the
Indian Penal Code,  1860  (‘IPC’  for  short)  and  sentenced  Ghusabhai
Raisinghbhai Chorasia, appellant no.1 to suffer five years imprisonment,
Rakesh  Ghusabhai  Chorasia,  appellant   no.2    to   suffer   rigorous
imprisonment for seven years and to  pay  a  fine  of  Rs.500/-  with  a
default clause and other accused persons, namely, Bakuben W/o  Ghusabhai
Chorasia and Jasuben @ Gaduben Rakeshbhai, appellant nos. 3 and 4 herein
to suffer rigorous imprisonment for three  years  and  to  pay  fine  of
Rs.250/- with a default clause  under  Section  306  IPC.   That  apart,
separate sentences were imposed under Section  498A  and  201  with  the
stipulation that all the sentences would run concurrently.  Be it noted,
the appellants were tried along with two other accused persons,  namely,
Sangitaben  w/o.  Vijaybhai  and  Vijay  Ghusabhai  Chorasia  who   were
acquitted by the learned trial Judge.  It is also apt to note here  that
the State had also preferred two criminal appeals, one  for  enhancement
of sentence and the other challenging the acquittal  of  the  other  two
accused persons and both the  appeals  were  dismissed  along  with  the
appeal filed by the appellants in a common judgment.
2.     The prosecution case, bereft of unnecessary details, is that  the
marriage  between  the  deceased  Biniben  and  Rakesh  was   solemnized
approximately eight years before the date of occurrence, i.e.  4.3.2004.
As put forth by the prosecution, Rakesh, husband of  the  deceased,  had
illicit  relationsHIP  with  Jasuben,  a  divorcee.   Despite  the  said
situation two children were born in the wedlock  but  the  compatibility
between the husband and wife and the harmony of family life could not be
sustained.  When the first child was three months old, the deceased  was
driven out by her husband and she came to her parental home  and  stayed
there for sometime.  After the intervention of the elders and  relatives
a settlement was arrived at and thereafter she came to stay in  her  in-
laws house.  It was the further case of the prosecution that the husband
was keen in his extra-marital affair and that had led  to  more  marital
discord and bitterness.  The in-laws, as alleged, used to take away  the
income earned by her.  A time came when she was compelled to stay on the
terrace of the house where she committed suicide on 4th of March,  2004.

3.    As the case of the prosecution further gets uncurtained, the  dead
body was cremated without informing the parents of the deceased and  the
factum of the death was reported by the father-in-law of the deceased on
14th of March, 2004 and eventually the mother of the  deceased  came  to
know about the death on 17th of March, 2004 and thereafter  reported  at
the Police Station in Jamnagar.  After  the  criminal  law  was  set  in
motion, the investigating agency proceeded with  the  investigation  and
recorded the statements of 25 witnesses and eventually placed the charge-
sheet under Sections 498A, 306 and Section 201 read with Section 114  of
the Indian Penal Code, before the competent court.   After  the  charge-
sheet was filed, the learned Magistrate  committed  the  matter  to  the
Court of Session.
4.    The accused persons abjured their guilt and wanted to be tried.
5.    During the trial,  the  prosecution  in  order  to  establish  the
charges levelled against the accused persons, examined 25 witnesses  and
exhibited certain documents.
6.    The learned trial Judge placing reliance on the ocular as well  as
the documentary evidence came to hold that four accused persons, namely,
father-in-law A-1, husband A-2, mother-in-law A-3  and  the  woman  with
whom the husband was having illicit relationship,  A-4,  guilty  of  the
offences.  However, the trial Judge acquitted the elder brother  of  the
husband and his wife for lack of evidence.
7.    Being dissatisfied with the aforesaid judgment of  conviction  and
order of sentence, the accused filed Criminal Appeal No.  444  of  2005.
As stated earlier, the State preferred Criminal Appeal No. 2408 of  2005
for enhancement of  sentence  and  Criminal  Appeal  No.  2410  of  2005
assailing the judgment of the acquittal of two accused persons.
8.    The High  Court  appreciating  the  evidence  brought  on  record,
declined to  interfere  in  the  appeals  preferred  by  the  State  and
resultantly all the appeals stood dismissed.
9.    Be it noted, the  principal  witnesses  on  whom  the  prosecution
relied are Dakshaben Shantilal Shah, PW-9,  a  social  worker  at  Vikas
Vidhyalay (Vadhvan), Miraben Devsinhbhai, PW-21, sister of the deceased,
Champaben  Devsinhbhai,  PW-18,  mother  of  the  deceased,  Kanaiyabhai
Devsinhbhai, PW-19, brother of the deceased and Natubhai  Hirabhai,  PW-
17, Sarpanch of village Rajsitapur.
10.   Accused persons in their statements  recorded  under  Section  313
took the plea that there was a divorce  between  the  deceased  and  the
accused No. 2, her husband; that she was staying on the terrace  of  the
house; that she committed suicide by  consuming  poison;  and  that  the
accused persons had no role in it.    The defence, to  substantiate  its
plea, examined one witness and got two documents exhibited.
11.   We have  heard  Mr.  Harish  Raichura,  learned  counsel  for  the
appellants and Mr. Anurag Ahluwalia, learned counsel for the State.
12.   On a careful scrutiny of the findings of the learned  trial  Judge
and that of the High Court, it is noticeable that both the  Courts  have
found that cruelty, as alleged by the prosecution under Section 498A IPC
was established as a result of which the deceased committed suicide.  It
is quite clear from the findings and evidence on record that  there  was
no demand of dowry.  The learned trial Judge as well as the  High  Court
has proceeded on the base that there was cruelty as per the  first  limb
of Section 498A IPC.
13.   The singular issue that requires  to  be  scrutinized  is  whether
there was such cruelty by the husband and his relations that could  have
driven the deceased  to  commit  suicide.   The  stand  of  the  accused
persons, as has been indicated hereinabove, was  that  the  husband  had
already divorced the deceased and she was staying on the terrace.  On  a
proper x-ray of the material brought on record, it is manifest that  the
prosecution has brought on evidence, three documents, exhibits 65 to 67,
on record to show that there was divorce.  The sister of  the  deceased,
Miraben Devsinhbhai, PW-21,  has  categorically  deposed  that  she  had
talked to the deceased on telephone before her death  and  the  deceased
had told her that there has been  a  divorce  between  her  husband  and
herself and she was staying on the terrace of the house and  will  leave
for the parental home after the ‘Holi’ festival.
14.   The documents that have been produced by the  prosecution, namely,
Exhibits 67 to 69 have not been believed by the learned trial  Judge  as
well as the High Court on the ground that  there  is  some  unacceptable
15.   At this juncture, it is  appropriate  to  mention  that  the  Holi
festival in the said year fell on 6.3.2004 and the occurrence took place
on March 4, 2004.  It is also noticeable that the sister of the deceased
had volunteered  to  speak  about  the  conversation  of  divorce.   The
document shows that there was a divorce as per the  customs.   There  is
material on record to show that she was staying on the terrace.  In this
factual backdrop what is to be seen is whether there has been a  cruelty
which  compelled  her  to  commit  suicide.   In  this  regard,  we  may
fruitfully refer to Section 498A of the IPC, which reads as under:
“498A. Husband or relative of husband of a  woman  subjecting  her  to
cruelty.-Whoever, being the husband or the relative of the husband  of
a woman, subjects  such  woman  to  cruelty  shall  be  punished  with
imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also
be liable to fine.

Explanation.-For the purpose of this section, “cruelty” means-

(a) any wilful conduct which is of such a nature as is likely to drive
the woman to commit suicide or to cause  grave  injury  or  danger  to
life, limb or health (whether mental or physical) of the woman; or

(b) harassment of the woman where such harassment is with  a  view  to
coercing her or any person related to her to meet any unlawful  demand
for any property or valuable security or is on account of  failure  by
her or any person related to her to meet such demand.”

16.   This Court in Girdhar Shankar Tawade V. State  of  Maharashtra[1],
examining the scope of 498A, has observed thus:
“The basic purport of the statutory provision is  to  avoid  “cruelty”
which stands defined  by  attributing  a  specific  statutory  meaning
attached thereto as noticed hereinbefore. Two specific instances  have
been taken note of in order to ascribe a meaning to the word “cruelty”
as is expressed by the legislatures: whereas Explanation (a)  involves
three specific situations viz.  (i)  to  drive  the  woman  to  commit
suicide or (ii) to cause grave injury or (iii) danger to life, limb or
health, both mental  and  physical,  and  thus  involving  a  physical
torture or atrocity, in Explanation (b) there is absence  of  physical
injury but the legislature thought it fit  to  include  only  coercive
harassment which obviously as  the  legislative  intent  expressed  is
equally heinous to match the physical injury: whereas one  is  patent,
the other one is latent but equally serious in terms of the provisions
of the statute since the same would also  embrace  the  attributes  of
“cruelty” in terms of Section 498-A.”

17.   In Gurnaib Singh  V.  State  of  Punjab[2],  while  analyzing  the
aforesaid  provision,  it  has  been  opined  that  Clause  (a)  of  the
Explanation to Section 498A IPC defines cruelty  to  mean  “any  willful
conduct which is of such a nature as is likely to  drive  the  woman  to
commit suicide”.  Clause (b) of the  Explanation  pertains  to  unlawful
demand and Clause (a) can take in its ambit mental cruelty.
18.   From the aforesaid authorities it is quite clear  that  the  first
limb of Section 498A, which refers to cruelty, has nothing  to  do  with
demand of dowry.  In the present case, in fact, there is  no  demand  of
dowry.  If the evidence is appropriately appreciated, the  deceased  was
pained and disturbed as the husband was having an  illicit  affair  with
the appellant no.4.  Whether such a situation would  amount  to  cruelty
under the first limb of Section 498A IPC is to  be  seen.   A  two-Judge
Bench of this Court in Pinakin Mahipatray Rawal V. State of  Gujarat[3],
while dealing with extra marital relationship, has held thus:
“Marital relationship means the legally protected marital interest  of
one spouse to another which include marital obligation to another like
companionship, living under the same roof,  sexual  relation  and  the
exclusive enjoyment of  them,  to  have  children,  their  upbringing,
services in the home, support, affection,  love,  liking  and  so  on.
Extramarital relationship as such is not defined in  the  Penal  Code.
Though, according to  the  prosecution  in  this  case,  it  was  that
relationship which ultimately led to  mental  harassment  and  cruelty
within the Explanation to Section 498-A and that A-1 had  abetted  the
wife to commit suicide.”

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
“We are of the view that the mere fact that the husband has  developed
some intimacy with another, during the  subsistence  of  marriage  and
failed to discharge his marital obligations, as such would not  amount
to “cruelty”, but it must be of such a nature as is  likely  to  drive
the spouse to commit suicide to fall within the Explanation to Section
498-A IPC. Harassment, of course, need not be in the form of  physical
assault and even mental harassment also would come within the  purview
of Section 498-A IPC. Mental cruelty, of course, varies from person to
person, depending upon the intensity and the degree of endurance, some
may meet with courage and some others suffer in silence,  to  some  it
may be unbearable and a weak person may think of  ending  one’s  life.
We, on facts, found that the alleged extramarital relationship was not
of such a nature as to drive the wife to commit suicide  or  that  A-1
had ever intended or  acted  in  such  a  manner  which  under  normal
circumstances, would drive the wife to commit suicide.”

The Court further proceeded to state:
“Section 306 refers to abetment of suicide. It says that if any person
commits suicide, whoever abets the commission of such  suicide,  shall
be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 10  years
and shall also be liable to fine. The action for committing suicide is
also on account of mental disturbance caused by  mental  and  physical
cruelty. To constitute an offence under Section 306,  the  prosecution
has to establish that a person has committed suicide and  the  suicide
was abetted by the accused. The prosecution has  to  establish  beyond
reasonable doubt that the deceased committed suicide and  the  accused
abetted the commission of suicide. But for  the  alleged  extramarital
relationship, which if proved, could be illegal and  immoral,  nothing
has been brought out by the prosecution to show that the  accused  had
provoked, incited or induced the wife to commit suicide.”
19.    After  holding  as  aforesaid,  the  Court  found  on  facts  and
especially referring to  suicide  note  that  one  can  infer  that  the
deceased was so possessive of her  husband,  and  was  always  under  an
emotional stress that she might lose her husband and that apart she  had
exonerated the husband and accordingly it  would  not  come  within  the
scope and ambit of Section 306 IPC.
20.   Coming to the facts of the present  case,  it  is  seen  that  the
factum of divorce has not been believed by the learned trial  Judge  and
the High Court.  But the fact remains is that the husband and  the  wife
had started living separately in the same house  and  the  deceased  had
told her sister that there was severance of  status  and  she  would  be
going to her parental home after the ‘Holi’ festival.  True it is, there
is some evidence about the illicit relationship and even if the same  is
proven, we are of the considered  opinion  that  cruelty,  as  envisaged
under the first limb of Section 498A IPC would not  get  attracted.   It
would be difficult to hold that the mental cruelty was of such a  degree
that it would drive the wife  to  commit  suicide.   Mere  extra-marital
relationship, even if proved, would be illegal and immoral, as has  been
said in Pinakin Mahipatray Rawal (supra), but it would take a  different
character if the prosecution brings some evidence on record to show that
the accused had conducted in such a manner to drive the wife  to  commit
suicide.  In the instant case, the accused may have been involved in  an
illicit relationship with the appellant no.4, but in the absence of some
other acceptable evidence on record that can establish such high  degree
of mental cruelty,  the  Explanation  to  Section  498A  which  includes
cruelty to drive a woman to commit suicide, would not be attracted.
21.   Presently, adverting to  the  involvement  of  the  other  accused
persons, that is, appellant nos. 1, 3 and 4, we find that  there  is  no
allegation of any kind of physical torture.   The  evidence  brought  on
record against them with regard to cruelty is absolutely sketchy and not
convincing.  It has been alleged that the mother-in-law used to rob  her
money which she earned as wages.  The said  fact  has  really  not  been
established.  As far as appellant no. 4, Jesuben, is concerned, there is
only one singular allegation that at one public place, i.e. in a ‘mela’,
she had threatened the deceased  that  she  would  be  divorced  by  her
husband.  On the basis of the said evidence, it is difficult to  sustain
the conviction under Sections 306 and 498A IPC.   Once  we  are  holding
that the accused-appellants are not guilty of the offence under  Section
306 and 498A IPC, the conviction under  Section  201  IPC  is  also  not
22.   In view of the aforesaid analysis,  the  appeal  is  allowed,  the
conviction and sentence of all the appellants are set  aside.   As  they
are on bail, they be discharged of their bail bonds.



FEBRUARY 18, 2015.
[1]  (2002) 5 SCC 177
[2]  (2013) 7 SCC 108
[3]  (2013) 10 SCC 48


Marriage & DivorceToday I spoke to a 72 year old retired army man who has been fighting for JUSTICE for last 13 years. His Son who was falsely accused of a dowry case died of a heart attack. A young man who could not see his parents suffering so much because of his failed marriage. This family spent 29 days in Jail. Immediately after coming out, Mr. Jain started his battle against false cases on him and his family and continues to fight til date, even though he and his family were honorably cleared of all the charges on them. He has made sure that everyone – the girl, her parents, the cops who conspired with the girl, judicial officers who lapsed in their responsibilities are brought to trial. In my conversation with him, he stressed on the fact that it’s a personal battle and no lawyer would fight your case as seriously as you can. I would be posting a detailed conversation with him later, but here’s a document that he has prepared which is extremely useful when one is fighting 498A or generally also for every man’s family in India who can be made accused in these cases with allegations FLYING IN THE AIR without ANY evidence on ground or ANY truth in them. They say marriage is a sacred bond. But in today’s time, marriage is anything but SACRED. All those who have a stable marriage (sounds such a cliche with all the compromises people make to keep it stable) must thank their stars or adjusting capabilities but the fact is – Marriage today has become highly materialistic and a bond of Convenience and Comfort. The day it comes across a rocky patch, it can Kaboom. And when that happens, BOY and his family can have it REALLY REALLY HARSH. So here’s a compilation of DO’S by this FIGHTER who despite his age is FIGHTING BACK like a young man and making sure that JUSTICE happens. What he has LOST can never come back, but he is surely an inspiration for me and I am sure would be for many!!! HATS OFF SIR.



(Compiled by Aar Ess – rsjainn@yahoo.com)

MY CASE BRIEF :- A false case u/s 323, 342 , 307 , 406 , 506 , 498 A  & 120B IPC was registered by my ex daughter in-law at PS City Jind (Haryana) against me , my late son  & my wife. We both are Sr. citizens , residents of Baroda & she resided in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) . We all the three were arrested from our house at Baroda by Haryana Police , handcuffed & put into the lock up cell at Jind . Truck load  of our costly goods were seized & taken to Jind on the pretext of recovery of dowry articles . Our bank accounts at Baroda were frozen by the I.O. Three times police remand was taken . We  remained in police / judicial custody for 29 days before getting bail from Addl. Sessions Jdge Jind. My son had to be hospitalised at Rohtak by Jind jail authorities & he first became 100 % handicapped  & later died due to a cardiac arrest during the pendency of the case . Session Court Jind framed charges against us . The case was decided in our favour by Punjab & Haryana High Court on the grounds of jurisdiction & other merits  .

COMPLAINTS :- There after , the complaints against the then SP Jind , case I.O and others were made to NHRC New Delhi , Lokayukta Haryana , DGP Haryana and Finacial Commissioner & principal Secretary Home Haryana etc. . Enquiries conducted by four different DSPs , one SP & an IGP confirmed that a false  case was registered against my family  . SP Jind was issued warning letter , DSP Jind was charge-sheeted  , five annual increments of case I.O were stopped with permanent effect. Ex daughter in-law was declared as a proclaimed offender   u/s 182 IPC by Jind Court . Complaints to PM , President MHA , CM Haryana , Grievance cell , State Governer  & Amnesty International etc  were not very effective but complaints to NHRC New Delhi , Lokayukta Haryana were effective .

COUNTER CASES :- A complaint case u/s 203 , 219 , 220 & 120B IPC was registered  in Baroda Court against the then SP Jind , the case I.O , my ex daughter in-law , her mother & father and her two maternal uncles . In a separate case , her father is  facing trial at Baroda in making telephonic threatening calls & charges have been framed against him u/s 387 & 506(ii) IPC. The proceedings at Baroda have started in both the cases against the accused . Against my TEP, Income tax Dept. of Ahmedabad has also attached  her father’s properties   .


1. Matrimonial Biodata given by the family of the girl /copy of News paper ad.
2. Marriage invitation cards of both the families .
3. Photographs of engagement & marriage.
4. Video of engagement & marriage .
5. Copies of all marriage related purchase / Hotel bills &expenses , paid  by your family . Preferably , make  payments   by  cheques  only . Even  later , all  your assets be purchased through your cheque or credit card & against
6. Any letters / cards sent  by the girl to boy before & after the marriage .
7. Any letters & of good time , by her parents & joint photos with her .
8. Rail / Air Tickets, photos and hotel bills of the couple for their honeymoon
9. Voter  I  card , PAN  card , Driving  License , Passport  and  her  Bank account  statement immediately after the marriage .
10. Her  school  & college  leaving  certificates ,  educational and professional certificates .
11.Her  employment  details  in  the form of  a job resume duly signed along with  the last salary slip .
12. If she is employed , know her employer and friends .
13. Copy of her Income Tax return , if applicable .
14. Copy of her Mobile Bill / customer application form(CAF).
15. Maintain  a  diary / directory having names & addresses of her close relatives  friends & employer etc with their contact numbers.
16. Keep record of registration Nos. of vehicles owned by her family & also find  details of any loans taken by her father .
17.Copies of  life & health insurance and property documents in her name if any
18. Her Medical treatment record  after marriage .
19. Copies  of  Voter cards , Ration card , Property tax & light bill of her parents   & IT return copy of her  father for the year when she got married
20. To prove your presence/ location  , you must retain all your petrol & Tel.bills, Air ,  Rail , Bus & taxi travel  tickets ,  Hotel bills & passport stamping etc .
21. To avoid future implications , joint Bank account , FDs / Lockers be
22. Don’t ever accept any cheque payment from your in-laws .
23. After desertion of your wife , change your banker & mobile service provider.
24. Get a certificate from your LPG kitchen gas Co. that your kitchen has enough  safety measures in case of accidental gas leakage .
25. Get a certificate from a qualified Architect that two way locks are fitted in all  doors & kitchen has an open passage with out a door .
26. Copies of her E mails , letters & phone calls records .
27. When she decides to leave you & wanted to take her belongings , it will  be in  your  interest  to get  a  signed  receipt  of  the items / jewellery  collected  by  her  & countersigned  by  her father/mother /brother etc. . A report of  her desertion should be made  to your local police station immediately .
28. Maintain contact with the local SP/DIG/IGP/DGP etc. & give them in writing  that you fear false 498a from your wife .
29. All correspondence/letters be sent by Regd. AD / Speed Post AD . Retain the postal receipts & AD form.

30. On getting information of her filing a 498a case , avoid arrest & get Anticipatory bail for all the family members .

31. At this stage , if you have information about her filing a 498a case , you go to hiding as the process of law can start only after service of summons and or Warrants . Don’t   use your mobile & hand  set , switch it off . Get anticipatory bail through some good lawyer.

32. Make use of RTI Act 2005 to obtain information from Govt. Agencies.

33. Install a call ID instrument to your landline instrument & in case you get call from your FIL / MIL or BIL , register a threatening cases.

34. Be careful while talking to your in-laws / wife on phone/mobile as your call might be recorded.

35. Avoid conflicts , remain cool , positive, have courage & state facts which can be proven . Be courteous but don’t pay to police as it will not help .

36. In false cases of 498a / DV, the girl’s mother play a very negative role for various considerations including GREED .

37. Don’t become emotional & get black mailed .Work logically & systematically . Be mentally prepared for accepting the future troubles & Expenses.

38. Try to acquire knowledge about the process of law in 498a from various NGO websites , court judgements , CrPC , IPC & D V etc .


  1. Copy of complaint ,FIR & statements recorded u/s 161 CrPC .
  2. Read the FIR thoroughly . List out allegations & the sections of IPC ,stated in the FIR and start collecting evidence documents to counter them .
  3. Copy of Bail order .
  4. Copy of case file to be obtained through your Advocate .
  5. Copy of police case diary(Jimnis) , Rojnamcha for the days of regn of FIR & arrest , under RTI Act.
  6. Copies of call details of your all mobiles & land line phones for the month  when FIR was registered .
  7. To know the background of the case I.O , you may obtain copies of pending Deptt. Enquiries & held in the past against the I.O under RTI Act 2005 .   Don’t sign any confessions or statements to the police .
  8. Prepare a document covering date wise sequence of events & index of evidence documents held .
  9. To get knowledge , down load “Bare Acts” – IPC , Cr PC & Dowry Act etc Onus to prove ur innocence lies on you . Collect documentary evidences .
  10. During this period , must have some liquid cash , have sufficient talk time in your prepaid mobile and keep few sets of dresses ready and shift ur valuable articles in your bank locker . Don’t wear gold .If arrested,carry some cash with you which will help you to buy daily needs in jail .
  11. Keep stock of your daily use medicines , carry a pack of biscuits & mineral water bottle with you on ur court dates and carry only photocopies of your case documents . Your well wisher must know your whereabouts .
  12. Make a Tax Evasion Petition to the concerned CIT/ITO against your Father in Law & attach a copy of the FIR and other evidence documents .
  13. If your wife got a passport made during case litigation , you may make a complaint to the concerned Regional Passport Officer against her for suppression of facts & getting her passport impounded .

CAUTION – Don’t show or discuss ur evidence proof with the case I.O. Make sure that you have an evidence to deny each point of your opponent’s allegation / claim .


  1. On demand , having spent huge amount on marriage by her parents .
  2. Further demand of cash , AC , Two wheeler & a car etc.
  3. A big list of dowry articles not returned by the in-laws .
  4. Beating by husband & in-laws .
  5. Attempt to murder .
  6. Confinement .
  7. Threatening .
  8. Taunting , Abusing & ill treating etc .


  1. As per the allegations made in the FIR ,establish the jurisdiction of the case. Jurisdiction can be her parental place , place where marriage was held , place where demand or cause of action had occurred or place where she last resided.
  2. You know the traits of your wife , pre-empt & take safety measures.
  3. Local Police Station , the SHO , SP & DGP .
  4. An experienced Advocate .
  5. Understand the process of law .
  6. Have at least one person who can always stand by you , with whom you can confide & share your case status with him.
  7. NHRC New Delhi ,your State Lokayukta & PIOs & the Application Fee etc.
  1. Income Tax No./ward/circle of her father .
  2. Certified Hand writing expert .
  3. Know your rights in case of arrest , bail , appointing advocate & appeal etc.



  1. YOUR SELF :Matrimonial biodata / Newspaper Ad , both side invitation cards , engagement & marriage photos and  video , marriage related purchase & function bills , honeymoon travel tickets & hotel bills , letters & cards etc sent by her before & after marriage , copies of her PAN card , voter card , pass port , Dr. license , bank account statement , school & college leaving / education certificates , income tax return , mobile bill , health & life insurance her medical test reports & prescription file , name & address along with  contact numbers of her close relatives , friends & employer.These documents   should be collected when she is residing with you.
  2. Retain your petrol bills , Phone / internet & news paper bills , Air / Train bus / taxi travel tickets etc and hotel stay bills , asset purchase bills & all other bills and copies of your ration card , voter I card , Dr. License and sr, citizen cards of your parents . Try to make all payments by cheques .
  3. When she is staying with you , try to obtain copies of her family ration card voter cards , bank account number , PAN & IT return of  her father property tax , light & Tel. bill copies etc.
  4. Use of RTI Act 2005 can  be made for obtaining information /documents from the PIO of the concerned Govt. Agencies including police . They may deny  information on the  plea of third party information but you can still try in the capacity of her husband or father in-law .There is nothing like success as it is self motivating .
  5. Efforts can also be made to procure documents through your connections in concerned Govt. Deptts. You can always  link , who will guide you .
  6. Proper evidence documents in your support will make your case strong against the prosecution .


                   “IT IS NEVER TOO LATE , START NOW”

Fighting for 7 years….still no Justice! Truth of 498A

A personal sharing from a False 498A Victim. There are lacs of families suffering from gross abuse of this law and this is how ..


The false police complaint of Dowry was filed by the Wife of my elder brother in Dec. 2006 in PS. XXX in Ludhiana. Then started the process of police calling us to police station and subsequent filing of FIR without even trying once to send the case to women cell for counseling of the couple.Although the case has been said to be investigated by DSP level police officer but we were just asked to give our statements in police station and then FIR was filed as per Girl’s statement. No one bothered to verify whether the complaint is genuine or not.

Then, we were just running from one court to another till Honorable Supreme court granted the final bail in April 2009. Around 50 dates (Assuming 1 date every month which comes out to be 60 in 5 years) and not much substantial has happened during this period. The complainant is a Lawyer herself in the same court although now she wrongly claims not to be practicing currently. She is still a member of Bar association of the same court. Her mere objective is to prolong the case in the court by misusing the process of the law and get the money out of my brother. To further this cause, she will either move unnecessary applications or new cases or will simply absent herself from proceedings of the court. Whereas my family has been very much punctual on each and every date. (Editor’s Note – This is the common phenomenon in all cases where this law is abused. The complainant does not appear on the dates and keep prolonging the case until a compromise is reached which usually means in financial terms. This is exactly what is known as “Legal Extortion”)

My senior citizen parents travel 200 KMs every month, sit all day in court and come back with a new date. Only few months back, my mother was granted permanent exemption from court appearance due to her ill-health. My father already has undergone cancer treatment but still he is regularly appearing in the court. I belong to a middle class family in XXX, Haryana. My Father and Mother are retired government servants. My Father retired from Haryana civil secretariat and mother from XXX. The case mentioned here might be the most common issue of Indian society and I might be simply one ordinary Indian citizen but the fact that I want to bring to your notice is that me and my family have been suffering for last more than 7 years because of nothing wrong done by us.

The only mistake my parents did was to marry my elder brother to a wrong girl. I am writing on behalf of my family who is looking for Justice before it is too late. Already no hope is left due to the kind of one sided women laws which give benefit to only the girl even if she herself is defaulter in the relationship.

My brother was married in Apr. 200X and his marriage lasted for 4 months only. The girl is an arrogant and short-tempered person and did not adjust to the family. She left the home in November 200X for ever. In 200Y(after a year), she filed a complaint against my family under dowry and domestic violence act. In the meantime, she gave birth to a girl child. My family never asked for dowry and never tortured her mentally or physically but the justice is still far from us.

It took us two and a half years to get my brother’s bail finally from Supreme Court after rejection from lower court and High court. High court granted bail to my parents but not my brother. In 2009, the case in lower court started for hearing( 3 years after the case was filed!!!) It’s been 5 years and around 50 dates have happened but marginal progress has been made in the case. My mother is 68 now and father is 71. The case was filed in lower court of XXX, Punjab. My brother and my parents visit the courts on every date without any failure. ABSOLUTELY, nothing happens in 80-90% of the hearings. On the other side, the girl either doesn’t come up or intentionally come late so as to harass my family and delay the proceedings. Nearly 2 years back, the evidence process for the complainant started but when the girl realized that she had been grilled by defending lawyer in the cross-examination, she has been delaying the completion of her and her brother’s evidence proceeding. She moved few unnecessary applications in the court and a new case of Domestic violence was also filed after 5 years of filing Dowry case whereas she was not staying with my brother during this period.

On other side, Girl had filed separate case of maintenance u/s crpc. 125 in YYY lower court (Distt. XXX) in year 2007 which is nearly 300 Kms from our home town. This was again done to harass us and get the benefit of filing in separate court. Here she was getting interim maintenance of Rs. 5000/- from my brother since year 2007 and the case was finally decided in year 2012. Just to harass and pressurize my brother, she would often come to his office and keep calling his office where he was working. Due to this case, he was already under stress and was not able to focus fully on his job and on the other hand, she was also creating problems for him in the office. Then, one fine day, the organization forced him to quit his job. Now, he is jobless for last 2 years. Still, there is no respite for him in the court. The girl didn’t disclose in XXX court that she was getting maintenance from YYY court and demanded maintenance in her new filed case of Domestic violence also where the judge simply ordered awarded her maintenance of Rs. 10000/-. Now, how should my jobless brother pay this money to her? Is there anyone to bother about his miserable life and my parents problems which they are facing due to a misuse of our law by a cruel girl?

Although, I understand that it may not be mandatory for a girl to show up in court every time but doesn’t that mean that she is not at all interested in solving her case? Doesn’t that show her casual attitude towards law and that she is literally playing with it? I think court should be hard against such people who are wasting court’s time and spoiling others lives.

We are now on the verge of losing our hope in our system. I understand that Judges are also loaded with the cases but what about all those precious years of our lives which we are losing to fight a battle which we feel we don’t deserve to be punished with. Is it really wrong to expect a case to progress a little in 5 years? It will be totally acceptable if the case is progressing and We find that we will get a fair trial and not just one sided law will be forced on us. Let the RAY OF HOPE be alive in our lives. I would conclude my letter here because more I explain, more it will be cumbersome.

From the bottom of my heart, I would request you to give some attention to my issue. My parents are suffering from this issue for last 8 years and now they believe it to end with their death only. Can I as a son, see my parents happy some day? There is a girl child who is 7 years old now and has never seen her father. Her future is being spoiled in this process. Please save her future also.



Our Souls died the day we were falsely Accused!

A True Account:

Due to my upbringing, I’d spent my entire life with the belief that women really are more respectable and better than men in every sense but the past year and a half of my life has somehow made me rethink.

old man

A 68 year old handicapped father is all I have in the name of family and he’s theonly reason that keeps me alive despite of all the harassment I’ve been made to face courtesy the CAW Cell, Domestic Violence Act, Mahila Aayog. I have sufficient proofs that my so called wife’s cases are not only fraudulent but she married me with the sole intention of extorting my father’s property but no one wants to listen.

I’ve felt like ending my life on numerous occasions but I guess it won’t help me or the other men who are being extorted with the help of tools provided by my country’s judicial system. I have no other option but to show up at these avenues of extortion whenever required. So my question to you is – can anyone help people like me and my father? Is there a way to take down such women who want nothing more but money out of a marriage?

My father is a retired social psychologist (a national awardee) who has worked for the rehabilitation of the handicapped and various charitable organizations his entire life. That man along with me has been accused of dowry and violence. I think our souls died the very moment such accusations were made, what’s left is at the discretion of a corrupt & manipulated one sided system.



Section 498A of IPC has been anointed as the most abused law in the Indian Judiciary…. Perhaps more than TADA/POTA. Supreme Court has recorded it as ‘Legal Terrorism.’ Lacs of men and their families have been ruined because of this law, as it assumes a person guilty on mere allegations by a married woman. The law has become a tool to settle scores in case of a marriage gone wrong. Old grannies, ailing fathers, children, pregnant sisters, young boys have been arrested without any iota of evidence in many cases.  More than 22 Lac people have been put behind bars in last 15 years only that includes 5 lac women. There is no other law ever in which so many women have been Jailed. Despite several observations by our HCs, SC, the law remains the same on the statute and terrorism continues. Several people have killed themselves at the altar of this law.

Martyrs of Marriage is a documentary film documenting lives of people who have suffered at the hands of this draconian law. 

Stories shared on this blog are by victims of abuse of this law. Writer does not take any onus of authenticity of these stories. Names have been kept confidential to avoid revealing any identities. If you are a media house who wish to connect with these people, kindly write to us at martyrsofmarriage@gmail.com 

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