“Every time when you blindly follow the majority, howling and braying with them in unison even when they are wrong, you will see me standing away from you, opposing you. I would rather choose the less travelled right path and leave a trail behind than following the wrong one and ending up in darkness.

Even if I slip sometimes, I would shamelessly change my stance when corrected rather than going deeper in error even after realising. I would live my life being called names and being criticized rather than trading my soul for a petty price of fame, appreciation and feeding own desires. I refuse to be brainwashed.

Every time I am silent and gone away, beware! I will come back, again and again… and always keep coming back in different forms – because I took a different, uncommon, tough stance and chose to fight for Men and that’s #MyChoice.”

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj


  1. Pleasantly surprised to see that there’s a platform that voices the other side of the marital mayhem. I am in US &the draconian law of alimony & child support has wreaked havoc in the lives of married men.

  2. Thanks a lot Ms. Deepika for supporting us in times when we need it the most. Its is great to know that there are people who recognize the meaning of true gender equality and are taking steps towards establishing the same actively and relentlessly. We fully support you.

  3. Dear Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj,

    Thanks a billion to you Madam

    I need to safeguard my elderly parents, I am going thru hell every moment

    I salute you for taking first step to save many innocent husbands

    I wish to get in touch with you to discuss merits of my case and how do i get Justice

    So far what I have experienced is COURTS just give dates and for them its just a CASE

    ONLY when a VICTIM dies, and media projects a case in a big way only then may be

    they read through the case merits..

    Even Police do not file charge-sheet for years in a case of 498A, but they act very fast

    while registering a FALSE 498A while arresting innocent relatives of HUSBAND

    I die every moment but something inside keeps me moving ahead because I need to

    live for my elderly parents.. I need legal help..

    I am fighting my case in HC Mumbai.. but all get is dates nothing more..

    I have filed 500 pages petition with all evidences to HC, but no response.. 23 dates since FIR filed in the year 2011.. but still the case has not moved a bit on merits.. since no one has ever read the merits..

    Also I have submitted a report of 205 pages to Vikhroli Police Station, since they may not have time to investigate the true facts of my FALSE 498A case.. But no response till date..

    Whom to blame I wonder.. on the other i need to earn my bread for myself and my parents so can’t even sit outside the COURT for all these years on a FASTING..

    As on date I am earning for my LAWYERS and trying to survive as long as I can handle being a good INDIAN CITIZEN..

    I beg for JUSTICE to all who can help me fight my case..

    I do not wish to become a CRIMINAL by taking LAW into my HANDs, so I am suffering..
    Is my suffering because I am INDIAN.. I want to ask the COURTs..


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