We were a respectable family once, today we are known as ACCUSED No. 1/2/3 ….

“As elderly citizens do we deserve this? Do we have to spend all our retirement money and come to streets because of false accusations? We were a respectable family and continue to be so. But in the eyes of police and law we are accused number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.”

Here’s a painful story from an elderly father caught in the net of a false 498A. If you are reading this, imagine your father and mother who have held each other’s hand for years and years go through this excruciating pain because we need every woman of this country to be empowered by IDIOTIC laws while our senior citizens suffer because of those very laws!!! Imagine that you are told that you must bear this suffering because the woman at the end of your street has been genuinely tortured and thus this one false complaint should not bother you! Imagine being dragged to police stations every week for no fault of yours and the cop telling you – madam/sir crime against women is at an all time high so you need to SUFFER because you have a man in your family and he happens to be HUSBAND to a WIFE!

Read this mail from an old father, helpless for being father to a son and answer the above questions if you COULD :


May I please seek your kind attention! Please take a look at my plight…

I was born and brought up in a poor and respectable family. After completing graduation I secured a job in a prestigious nationalised bank in Karnataka. I served the bank for 40 years in various capacities and retired as a senior manager in the year ****. I got married in the year 1978 and have two children, a daughter and a son. My daughter is an engineering graduate, married to a doctor, lives in London, UK with her husband and two sons. Both of them hold responsible and respectable posts. My son is an engineering graduate and is presently working for a private company near London. He worked in Bengaluru for over 5 years before moving to the UK in **** for a living. After retirement, I live in ****** with my wife and my father aged 94 years.

old manWe were very happy and contented till we celebrated our son’s marriage on ******* 2012. After marriage, my son took his wife to United Kingdom. Hell broke loose on him. Within 15 days, his wife started harassing and abusing him for each and everything. She tried to distance him from our family. She abused, insulted and ill treated him in front of his friends and relatives. She ill treated my wife and me when we visited them for a short visit for a few days. She ill treated my son, my wife and me at her parents house when went there to see off our son before he left for the UK. She had a history of self harming and attempted the same in her marital home in the UK. My son’s efforts to correct her and lead a peaceful & comfortable life were futile. His prayers with his in-laws and brother-in-law for suitably advising her to mend her ways were not heeded to.

Finally, when it was impossible to live with her, my son separated from his wife in the UK. During this time, my son ensured that his wife was well provided for. He invited his mother-in-law to live with his wife. He moved out of the marital home to accommodate his wife and his mother-in-law. He stacked up groceries for them and even offered to provide subsistence. Then he filed an application for divorce in ***** 2014 before the family court at UK, after suffering for almost an year after marriage. My son’s wife returned to India from her marital home in UK, after she received the divorce notice served on her. Since then, she is staying with her parents in ********. After returning, she and her family have unleashed a malicious door-to-door campaign to malign our family. We ignored all their accusations and did not publicise the truth as we did not want to tarnish the image of the woman and jeopardise her future.

The Family Court in UK granted a decree nisi in **** 2014. In **** 2014, the Family Court in the UK pronounced decree absolute. The Court proceedings were contested by my son’s wife through her detailed written submissions to the Court. She filed for Restitution of Conjugal Rights petition in the Family Court at ******* in ***** 2014. The case is now posted for arguments. She has also filed a police complaint u/s IPC 498(a) accusing my son, my wife, my daughter, my son-in-law and me of ill treatment and mental harassment. All her allegations are false and concocted.

At the outset, my son’s ex-wife is a graduate. She was employed in India and she held an employment in the UK. She is a modern day, independent woman. My wife and I did not have a domestic relationship with the woman. We did not reside with her at any time in India or UK. In India she only visited our home for a short duration. When we went to the UK, we visited our son only for a few days as our primary reason for the visit was caring for our grandchildren at my daughter’s place in London. During all these visits we have treated the woman with love and affection. My daughter and son-in-law are citizens of the United Kingdom. They are living separately from my son. My son lived 75 Km away from my daughter during the time of events alleged in the complaint. Infact, my daughter helped my son in setting up his marital home and live a comfortable living in the UK.

Police have registered the complaint under section 498(a) of IPC and issued a notice to my wife and me to appear before them to record our statement. As per the advice of our relatives, friends and well wishers, we secured an anticipatory bail from the Court and gave our statement before the Investigation Officer. As per the bail condition, me and my wife were required to mark our attendance in police station once in 15 days till the final report is submitted. Me and my family had never met any lawyer or legal fraternity earlier. We spent a sizeable amount for getting the anticipatory bail as we were told it was the need of the hour. The advocate whom we engaged for the job did not give us any advice regarding how to proceed further. He did not pick up our calls or reply to our messages at the time of our distress.

My son’s ex-wife has alleged mental torture and ill treatment at UK in her marital home, at ****** in her parental home when my son had visited for the first time after his marriage during the marriage of his brother-in-law and in ***** our home when she visited for two days before proceeding to her marital home after her prolonged stay with her parents in ***** after her brother’s marriage. She has also fabricated some of her financial transactions to mislead the authorities to believe that her husband has usurped the amount. In fact she has transferred the amount to her husbands account for onward transfer of the same to her mother’s and brother’s bank accounts. These are easily verifiable in their bank statements.

The complaint itself was filed after UK Court established cruelty of my son’s wife & pronounced decree nisi and after my son made an application for decree absolute. The final decree of divorce was to be announced in a few weeks. Even a layman can easily make out from the complaint that it is false and concocted. It has been filed only to harass us and force my son to pay up undeserved monetary compensation. The complaint does not contain any allegations of dowry or any such financial favours, it does not contain accusations regarding any physical harm or injury inflicted on her (which none of us have done!). Yet the Police have registered the FIR under section 498(a) of IPC.

The public prosecutor is representing her case and we are forced to engage a lawyer to defend us from our retirement fund. As per the bail condition we were visiting the police station at ****** once in a fortnight for a few months. Then after a struggle at the High Court of ******, our bail condition was relaxed to mark attendance once in 4 weeks. Nothing has moved since. One can imagine the hardship apart from the humiliation we are facing to visit the police station at ****** as we live in ***** 150 KM away from ********, leaving my 94 years aged father alone at home till we return. We have written and requested the police authorities to speed up the investigation and file a final report. We have assured all our cooperation in speedy disposal. But nothing has moved.

Ours is a live example of how a false complaint can land an honorable and law abiding family in distress. Is this the system in our country? Does our system so blatantly encourage false complaints and harass innocents? As elderly citizens we have spent most of our life serving the nation in our own way, do we deserve this? Do we have to spend all our retirement money at this old age and come to streets because of these false accusations? We were a respectable family and continue to be so. But in the eyes of police and law we are accused number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. We are peace loving, law abiding citizens contributing in our own way for the Nation building. Now we have no peace. Our big question is, what is our sin to be treated like this? Is it our sin being the parents to a young man?

We had a lot of hope in our legal system and police. By the passing time, our hopes are dwindling and a cynical attitude is developing in us. Now, I am beginning to feel that all this suffering is only due to my straightforwardness and desire to be ethical. If I had chosen the other route then I would not have suffered this much. This case would have been closed.

We seek justice. We have written 4 letters each to PMO, MHA, City Police Commissioner and other such top officials. May I know, who in the executive machinery will ensure that appropriate, speedy measures are taken? As all of them seem to be indifferent and uncaring to the plight of the innocent elderly people. May I request all who are considerate towards sufferers like us to show some light and help us to lead a normal and respectable life?

I thank you for a patient reading.


DISCLAIMER: The location and other details have not been disclosed to protect the identity of the victim as it’s a sub judice case. The story above is an email shared by the victim. The blog owner isn’t accountable for veracity of the facts mentioned. However, if you are a media organization who would want to cover the facts of this case, the details of the victim can be provided.  If you wish to share your story, write to us at martyrsofmarriage@gmail.com


  1. No point making any request to our government,any government come no changes in these laws . This laws were made specially for uneducated women but sad part is educated women only use n harassed innocent people.

  2. Hello Deepika,
    Great work. I have sent you a message on Facebook which probably went to your others folder. I sincerely urge you to read it. Looking forward to your reply.

    Ratika G

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