Pyaar Ka Punchnaama in Real!!!

Remember that character in film “pyaar ka punchnama” where this chick used this boy emotionally financially and then humiliated him in front of her boyfriend? Here’s a story from reel to real. I feel sick reading how selfish some (probably most leaving some exceptions) young women are. No numbers to this boy too because being stupid is only your fault and you can not blame the other person when you are yourself happy being used, exploited, drained. I wud in fact say this man is lucky as she left him only financially drained. She could completely ruin him by filing a rape case. Glad she dint. …but read on how a young smart girl exploits an unsuspecting boy financially ….only to dump him later after juicing him out monetarily…. leaving him emotionally scarred for life …..


Hi Deepika,

I’m 26 and not yet married. I’m almost certain not to marry mostly due to some incidents of my life, one of which I would like to share.

Although my incident pales in comparison to the trauma and anguish that many men have faced, but it did open my eyes altogether. I’ll try to be as brief as possible.

I’ve been working right out of college i.e. from 2010 and in July 2012 had started pursuing my M-Tech in evening program (3 year course). To save traveling time, I worked from home on most days and would come to office once or twice in a week.

In mid-August 2012, a girl Rekha (name changed) had joined in Administration department. We started talking on Google chat first and by December we were talking on phone for hours together. We had become very good friends (She of-course had a boyfriend to whom she is married now and I had no intention of coming in their way). We used to hang out together after work on the days I came to office. I used to help her in her official work also.

Around May 2013 she asked me for financial help (to pay for college fees of her sister; her boyfriend had started his own company and was already under financial duress) and I immediately gave the money which I had saved up for paying my college fees. By August 2013, she had changed company and I was able to talk only on phone.

She was also pressurizing her boyfriend to get married and the marriage was decided to be held in December 2013. She again asked for financial help in October and November 2013 and this time the amount was quite high. I managed to arrange it by taking up debts from my friends (Fortunately I have a few good friends).

Then after taking all the money she calls up and says that after marriage she would not be able to talk much on phone, which is understandable. And I say that I would not call her or disturb her and told her that I would be really happy if she could call me once in two weeks whenever she had some time.

But soon things start changing after marriage. She now only messaged (messages were only about her life) and sent some of her official work to me and expected me to be at her service instantly. A slight delay of 15 minutes in responding and she would start calling and messaging multiple times asking about my whereabouts.

The only time she calls me is now apart from any work that needs to be done is when she needs more money in March 2014. (Though she returned this money!!).

But by now I’m already starting to feel frustrated at this friendship which is only about her life, her work and my money (she doesn’t even know the name of the M-Tech course that I’m pursuing). And by June 2014, I chose to end 2 years of intense friendship.

Fortunately she left me alone in peace.

But after reading through the articles I’m starting to wonder if the above had happened in a marriage, and the girl chosen to use 498A, would there have been any peace for me?

And above all I’m seeing this among my friends who are borrowing money just to get married and throw a massive marriage party!

I’ve become sick of it. What makes me even more sick is that there is no peace for men even after marriage all thanks to 498A. Its about time to head for Mars I guess!!


Disclaimer: Excerpts from email sent by a young boy. Names protected on request. If you wish to share your story, write to


  1. Hello there, first of all, my deepest gratitude goes to you for the tremendous work you’re doing for the men in India who are mistreated by those vindictive women like the one mentioned in the article using the misandric laws such as 498A.

    While reading this stories and several others shared by victimized men, shared among MRAs and anti-feminist like yourself, a question had popped in my mind that I wanted to share with the MRAs and anti-feminist.

    Is is impossible for men to avoid or identify such toxic women before entering into any kind of relationship with them ?

  2. You loaned money to her, which you saved for your college????!!! then you loaned her money by borrowing from friends???!!!!
    You need to grow up… hopefully this incident made you learn, girls are always selfish, no matter what country, race, religion and color they belong,

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