Can a Man file a rape case on a woman after she refuses to marry the boy after exploiting him emotionally, financially and YES physically?

Today, women are filing rape cases on their boyfriends if they refuse marriage. Mind it, this case can be filed even if you never got physical with each other as she doesn’t really need to give any evidence. Every kind of story is available with the lawyer next door. All that she needs to say is you raped her and then you have to decide whether you go through a false case or give in to her demands!

Here’s a MAIL a MAN sent me:


Hello Deepika,

First of all a very bold move all together.

I am writing this mail since this needs to be heard.

This is not an incident in general or something that has happened in a day. I had been in five years of relation. I was engaged to her. There were some misunderstandings every couple has. All was sorted.

Now four days before marriage, i and my family were summoned at her place and were literally abused. My family out of love towards me took all of it. Mind me we are quite influential family. So invitations are gone guests started coming in, a call comes and the marriage is called off. When reason was sought, she didnt know what the reason was. Just plain and simple, she doesn’t want to get married.

Well that was the first part. Now comes in the real part. News spread like fire, everyone started consoling and the blame game began. There wasn’t a soul who asked how i was feeling. It takes a long time to get out of a long term heart felt relation. This is problem with us men.

We are perceived to be strong willed and strong, but never considered to be emotional. It is a very rare event that men come out and speak. Men are quite, we are biologically built to withstand abuse. But the thing is we are taken for granted. That is exactly where problem is. We don’ t need laws or a special treatment, all we need is smile and ears to be heard. If this is encouraged we can go through anything.

Yes, there bunch of men who are nothing less to savage, i know them personally. Trust me they are now being left out in a big way. The level of respect is off the charts towards women these days. A lewd comment or a lewd action doesn’t go unpunished by the mob. Probably these will never come in to light. Strange but true.

How would anyone feel if they are constantly judged? Its worst then getting stared at. Every where I go may it be office may it be my own damn house i am always judge. My maid judges me. Seriously. She never comes to do her chores when i am alone in house. Girls literally walk off mid food when i walk in to macdonalds. This is not my story, this is a very rampant phenomenon these days.

This has caused a very serious retribution even for females. Good companies are now shying away to hire females. Specially the attractive ones. The HR doesn’t want more settlements or lawsuits. It is either an all male co. or all female co.

Now lets talk about sex. The one survey which no one will dare to do is usage of sex in return of hike, project, business and promotion. Boss and secretary fantasy do have origins. There is an alarmingly high rate of females using sex as tool to get what they want. They do this outside marriage. Things go out of control when the boss is a lady. She literally uses her body to get things done. Just no words to express what goes through mens mind when they find out that they are used.

All I want to tell is we are taught to respect and love females. We are very happy to do that, all we need is a neutral ear. Nothing more nothing less.

Oh yeah, since you have an excellent platform to go masse, have a look at last episode of satyamev jayate’s last season. Even my female friends found it bit too inclined towards females. Do share your thought on it.

If you want you can use this anywhere,please make sure I am not mentioned anywhere. Let it be an idea and not an individual.

Once again thank you for an awesome episode,

A strong-robust-emotional man.


  1. HI Deepika,

    I want to say that this is a really disturbing trend. I fully agree on the point that patriarchy develops men like “dont cry like girls”, “you are crying or feeling like girls then go wear bangles”… Men are as emotional as women. This misuse must be stopped by all means possible because it is not the interests of our society and it will push back all men into asylum. What I feel is the majority reason behind all such false accusations is the weakness of law and investigation machinery and illiterate policing mechanism along with overburdened judiciary and lopsided lawmaking. We must send petitions to Law Ministry and all all relevant Ministries and PMO and Narendra Modi as well to ask for Gender Neutral laws and correct all biased laws in the country. I would like to be there with you on this matter online or offline if possible. I am now a student but consider it as important.

    Thanks for all the effort and keep it up!

    Atul Sharma

  2. This is very true – men are as emotional as women. Men are human beings as well. Unfortunately society assumes that men have no emotions and are by default the opressors. Women are considered weak and vulnerable. This is not true always. Many women are cunning and devious and misuse the circumstances to take undue advantage.

  3. In short, whatever a woman wants, she can do it against men and the judicial system will support them fully. They can file false dowry, false rape case, false DV charges against everyone in in-laws family, for which the men has to face serious consequences but if their charges turned out to be false, nothing happens !! Really blind laws ….

    A recent experience of a person where I found the girl wanted a amicable divorce from husband due to serious incompatibility. She went to the Woman Cell and they actually did a brain wash by citing that whatever happened with her is extremely wrong and the husband needs to be punished severely. They asked her to put charges on mother-in-law, uncle and other relatives of the husband including their daughters. All these were said by citing the fact that these false framed charges will help the girl to get divorce easily! She came into their words and signed the documents which was sent as notification to husband’s family and relatives. Of course, something that could have been easily resolved but was totally messed up by these Woman Cell.

    Another case, where my friend’s relationship went bad and she went to the woman cell dept of her location. She wrote 15 pages of details about the relationship without putting any charges but these department IO’s converted into rape charge by making her sign a 2 page letter citing only about when sex happened.

    All I found was these departments only love to convert a struggling marriage into highly messed-up divorce cases. Provoke girls to put false charges against men, Convert struggling love cases into Rape charges!

    In short, there are no end to women seeking revenge using all the tools made by law but at the same time, these IO from Woman Cell are equally interested in making false cases cause there is NO SEVERE PUNISHMENT FOR FALSE CHARGES!!

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