She used to beat him with Iron Rods…He was a little Boy!

Ankur narrates his extremely painful story of abuse by a woman since he was a young boy to today when he is a grown up Man. These stories are everywhere. No one brings them out.



I am Ankur . I live in Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh . My Father is a Government Employee in Indian Railways. 

I saw your profile at Facebook and found i can share my life and my fathers life with you . If someday you will succeed , it can give a new life to my father . 

This is not part of my problem .

I was 4 year old and this has nothing to do with my fathers and my life . I was Just 4 year old when my Real mother divorced my father . This was mutual understanding between two families ( My Real mother has mental sickness ) . The understanding of both families was ( If both stay together , this can harm my life and it is better if they take divorce and my mother will be taken care by their family . My father provided 5-6 lakh rupees for her treatment too though he his aware of the fact the she can not be cured . After all this i was sent to a local boarding school in Lucknow ( Bal Vidya Mandir )  Till class 3rd . My grand mother was alive and she felt she can take care of me and asked my father to bring me back . My father decided to bring me back from boarding School . After 3rd standard and instead of giving my responsibility to my Grand mother , he decided he should re marry a woman ( I sometimes suspect she is a woman ) who will take care of me .

My Second Mother

I was in 4th Standard 

My Father married ***** Aggarwal (She was running a beauty parlor ) and she promised before marriage that she will take care of me and my father. On the very first day , after marriage , she said to my father , Either get me a New home or remove your child from my life . My father tried to convince that he will soon get a new home for her where she will not panic because of small house . He unfortunately never understood the evil hidden in her brain . Since my father was railways Train Guard , he used to go for 2-3 days and comes back after his duty . 

She used to ask me to wash clothes  , cook food , massage her feet and when she found i was not optimum to my work , she used to beat me and she did all nonsense she could do that i can not explain in words She banged an iron Rod on my Head ( I still have a deep scar till date ) She used to throw hot boiling water on my face . She used to ask me to eat rotten food left by her and i dont want to remember the rest of ills she did while writing her brutal behaviour .

When my father used to come back home , she used to make him busy such that he can hardly interact with me . Her fear for a Boy in 4th standard was sufficient to make me keep this brutal behavior a secret from my father.

After 1 year , My Neighbours and nearby people realised that there is something wrong with me and they planned a meeting and complained to my grand mother . All of them decided to take me away and they did the same

Now i was safe. My father was not

She asked my father to leave me and take him away to some other place and he did the same fearing that if he go to police or court , he will be Blamed because she is a Woman . My father invested all his money to afford a flat in Lucknow and i started living with my grand mother for 1 year . Later my father decided to send me to a Good Boarding School . He sent me to mussorie , Uttrakhand . 

There was 60 day vacation period and my father again tried to convince my step mother if he can only keep his son i.e me  for 60 days out of 365 days of a year . His thought – with time every thing will get alright between me and her. She never changed . She again started to do same brutal behavior with me . I was young enough in class 8th to complain my dad and i did the same . I used to write letters to my dad and complained him about every thing she did to me .

This continued for 5 years and till then my step mother took off as much money as can from my fathers salary . I never knew how happy my father was with my step mother and i had no idea till i reached 11th standard . I decided to go to Bokaro ( Jharkhand ) to prepare for engineering exam and join a good school . After 10 days of death of my Grand mother , my father called me and said since you had examinations i told you about the incidence late . I was broken from within . Now i had only my father in my life . Same year after 1 month i got to know that my step mother asked for money from my father which he did not had and my mother went to kitchen and took Knife and tried to kill my father . 

My father locked himself in a room and used 3 bed sheets to jump from a balcony and ran away from house . 
He filed a complaint in police station and on same day step mother also filed a complaint against him for dowry ( they married in Arya Samaj mandir where dowry is prohibited ) 

In panic i took train from jharkhand without completing my 11th standard and came back to lucknow . My father got me admited in a local shool of barabanki ( 32 KM from lucknow ) as he was aware of the fact that if Gundas appointed my her found me , they will try to kill me as well . She appointed Gundas to kill my father and because of good friends of my father he was never hurt . 

The case was taken to family court 
After providing all proofs , evidences and every thing , court ordered Rs 8000 monthly to be paid by my father to my Step mother . ( Interim Relief ) ( I hate this word ) 

If court could have asked my father to give 20000 Rs from his salery to donate to an orphan , i could have been more happier for such thing but a women who did all against me and my father .

Interim Relief is required to be provided to only those women who are not doing a Job. She is running a Beauty parlour . Earning sufficient amount of money . In spite of this she is rewarded for doing all odds .

Court asked us to present proofs that she has a beauty parlour , A lady helped us to create a Video Recording and we even have video proofs for this . Now i am 23 year old , Graduated in an engineering college and sill the case is always in her favour . The lady is even living in flat purchased by my father years back . She is getting money and finds time to come in court , cry and take a judgement in favour of us as a reward . 

My father is now 55 year old and dont know how long this will continue . I am not asking you to help me to fight my case . I am asking you to take this to public .

Women are not always right 

My Grand mother was a woman 
You are a woman 
Is my step mother the only Woman ?
I Ask people and Courts is she a woman ?

With Regards:


Disclaimer: This post is a reproduction of mail sent by the victim. It in no sense intends to defame anyone but present how a young boy has been traumatized all his life by a woman. If you wish to share your story write to


  1. Very sad story… Yes breaks my heart too… but just ONE question, hasn’t the father Joined SIF or any similar MEN’s welfare organisation ? if NOT why ? what is he waiting for ? IF his son can locate and write to you, what was his dad doing all these years ? because IF we keep fighting our own individual cases, we will NOT win…. We have to fight together and then we will at least have *some* relief….. Jai Hind

  2. Very sad and off course very true also. These days we are hearing lot of stories about Indian woman mistreating others. But unfortunately we are in a society which thinks that all Indian Women are good and Men and bad. Hope, very soon we will recognize that NOT all Indian Women are good and all Men are NOT bad.

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