REAL STORY: His mistake – he looked for a Better Half !!!

Reproducing another mail sent to me by a false dowry case victim after my article on abuse of 498A on Ibn Live. This man has been fighting for 8 years. A man who spent his entire young life taking care of his responsibilities did a blunder of marrying a woman who he thought would understand her responsibilities as a daughter in law. He in fact made things clear way before getting married – but what these men fail to understand is that women ( I am a woman too) are pretty good at hiding their wicked thoughts and most of them think that once marriage is done – they could play with the mind and heart and body of the man to make them do whatever they want. I have met many who made exactly the same mistake as this man….only to realize about it after paying a huge price of a false case. Ironically these are men who are good human beings.  

Here’s a candid and painful sharing by a victim of false dowry case:


First of all, a big THANK YOU from the depth of my heart for bringing up the matter and giving us the status of “Victim” which otherwise is “Accused” in the eyes of law and society. And a great grate salute for your Article. Am also an “Accused” of 498A alongwith my 65 years old widow mother, married sister, her husband and my younger brother, who is in Army and only visit the home only for 15 days in a year  and therefore am having personal experience of each and every panic pictured in your Article.
Am hereby giving some details of my case and request you that, if possible, please include the same in your Documentary / Article etc.
Am residing in Delhi since 1986. After the death of my father in 1996, my whole family, consisting of 4 elder sisters and 1 one younger brother (all were unmarried at that point of time, except one eldest sister), shifted to ***** and I left my studies, started working at Army Golf Course on compensation ground with a meager salary of Rs.54.50 per day. Worked hard for my family and arranged funds for my two sisters marriage, brother’s education, his enrollment in Indian Army, construction of a two rooms shelter for my family and all that at the cost of my “Golden Days” of youth with a hope that the loss will be overwritten by an understanding  life-partner.
In 2006, mother met with two consecutive accidents and there was a pressure upon me to get married and bring “someone” to take care of my mother, though the concept of bringing a “care taker” on the name of “marriage” was not acceptable to me but I agreed for the same on a condition that the girl should fulfill the two conditions i.e.
a) Never lie under any circumstances (because my ideology is that I can believe you if you are going with your “boyfriend” by speaking truth, but can’t believe you under any circumstances even if you are going with your  brother but lying to me)
b) To be ready to adjust with my “lifestyle” in accordance with my income.
On the most awaited day of Love Birds, i.e. 14th Feb, 2006, I met with Ja******r and explained the green_card_marriage-300x300above terms for which she agreed and accordingly, we got married on ** May, 2006 with the hope that I had got my “better-half”. Just after two months of marriage, the “Better Half” turned to be “Bitter-Half” of my life and the mirror of my dreams broke into pieces when it encountered with the reality.
She and her parents crated pressure upon me to “settle-down” nearby their home without giving any justified explanation for their desire of a “Ghar-Jamai” The issue become viral and vibrant and gave platform for many arguments and my life story turned to be “Vikram-Betal” story wherein I became “Vikaramditya”, she played the role of “Be-Taal” and her parents were/are “Silence Brokers”. Leaving for her “Mayka” became a routine job for her and my duty was as usual of a husband in this “ruthana-manana” game between the typical Indian Husband-wife relationship.
Meanwhile, we were blessed with two daughters (which is also a reason of my “failed marriage” due to her wish of “son” which she clearly expressed during her second pregnancy period). Marriage of her brother and sister got fixed in 2010 and she expressed her desire to go Punjab for one month before marriage, as her parents “need” her advice for shopping which demand was rejected by me on the basis of my past experiences and I planned a “4 days tour” for the said occasion.
On Sep 2010, she left the home along with my two daughters (the younger one was only 3 months old) in my absence after handing over the key to the neighbors. I Tried to contact her over phone but her parents didn’t allowed me rather abused me. I managed to hide the matter from my mother for a week but somehow she got this news from some of our “well-wishing relatives” and she got a massive heart attack on 3rd Oct, and got admitted at Jalandhar where the doctors told us that the “Prayers” are the only medicine.
But thankfully, the medicine advised by the doctors i.e. “Prayers” worked and my mother was out of danger with the support of 7 life saving machines (including external pacemaker, ventilator, ejaculator) incurring the expenditure of about 5 lacs and my job of Senior Executive in a Limited firm at Gurgaon.
My all efforts of bringing her back, went in vain and lastly I opted to file a case under Section 9 HMA (Restitution of Conjugal Rights) for the sake of my married life and for the future of the two little angels. But she appeared only once in the said case resultantly the case was settled “Ex-Parte”.
After meeting her 4-5 times in order to convince her (which was also proven to be only a “time wastage”) in June 2014, I filed a Divorce Petition and as soon as she received the notice for the same, she immediately filed a complaint of 498A against me, my mother, my sister and her husband and my younger brother (who is in Army and only visit the home once in a year).
Writing this mail in hospital where I have bring my mother who again got a “hypertension attack” after the receipt of Notice and due to the “Ever First Visit of Police” in home during her lifetime. Tomorrow, am going to appear before the “authority” as an “Accused” despite being “victim” of this Act. There are so many things which I want to say but I have tried to summarize my 8 years trauma in few lines, understanding the value of your precious time. I wish the story should be made public and therefore writing to you and request you to narrate the same in your own words.
Disclaimer: This is a true story shared by a false case victim. Verification of Authenticity of this post by any genuine authority can be done by connecting with the blog owner here: . If you wish to share your story, do write to us on the same ID.

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  1. You really believe in the hollywood fantasies they sell to gullible woman about better half? In some ways a warning to all mothers to get their sons married for care taking. Don’t marry!

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