REAL STORY: Growing trend of Rape allegations with Dowry case

He showed me the final settlement papers. He is an advocate in Noida. The deal had been struck in INR 20 Lacs. Number of family members named in the case were 12 (whatever happened to SC/HC guidelines in not implicating all family members in dowry cases). Till this point it was a normal false dowry case. But….here was the twist. He also showed me the bail orders of Father in law. He was in Jail for a month and the bail was given after that where the judge stated “Since it is a matrimonial dispute and as no incriminating evidence has been found against the accused, he is hereby granted bail”. The charge on this 70 year old was that of “attempt to rape” and his crime was that he was the “Father” of the husband whose wife had no inhibitions in going to any extent to nail down the other family for a HEFTY SUM. 

new age package

“Attempt to rape, outraging of modesty, molestation, rape on other male family members” – these cases have become common place along with dowry complaints. As misuse of 498A has become a norm and template cases easy to decipher by judges, these new allegations are giving women power to bring husband’s family to toes. Thus, its becoming more and more common to see such allegations as part of new age 498A package. Anyone who is aware of the proceedings of a false case would be able to understand this net better, as how false allegations are made and how no one cares a little about making these exaggerated claims (esp wife) is well known to them. Rest…you can do some digging and talk to criminal lawyers dealing with matrimonial disputes to verify this trend. 

Anyways, here is a candid sharing by one of the victims. Any media rep reading this blog can get in touch if they would wish to cover this case, since the victim of this false case is ready to go to media with several evidences to prove his and his families innocence. Not forgetting to mention, by the time his real trial would come in the court, he would have lost a lot of things in life already, if he does not pay.

Here it goes….VERBATIM (edited to keep identity confidential and avoid IT Act)


“Mam I would like to request you to kindly broadcast our story in your leading news channels to create awareness in the society where RAPE is considered as most heinous crime which create a lots of mental and physical humiliation to the victim on the contrary FAKE RAPE cases are getting registered in the Police Stations without any medical examinations by GIRLS and it causes the same humiliation even more worse than RAPE victims to the falsely ACCUSED.

Similarly I and brother are facing the same kind of humiliation where my sister in law (my brother’s wife) has cooked a fake story and registered an FIR against both of us under section 376/498 A and others without her medical examination and without any proof and witnesses.

We have enough proofs like her phone recordings with her parents, medical, examination reports of her, Police investigation report and her previous (dirty and nude) photographs when she was not married to my brother which we received one month after marriage.

Inspite of having so many proofs against that cruel lady we are unable to bring our innocence.

Apart from evidence, we have sent Nos- 3 complaints (much prior to her FAKE COMPLAINT of RAPE and FIR) to the Police Stations, DCP office and CAW cell to take action against that cruel lady since she is preparing criminal conspiracy against my brother (husband of the complainant) and our family but nothing has been taken seriously.

*False Rape Claims can be Just as bad as Rape, Delhi High Court Says.*

I sincerely request you to kindly bring this matter of fake cases of Dowry and RAPE to the public as a true journalist and let’s stop this evil practices in our society which is very common these days. We will provide you enough proofs which can be telecast on your channel and many families will also be save.

First they wanted to send us behind bars for such heinous crime where bail is also quite difficult to achieve demand for amount of money and further more demands will come…

Why should we bear this pain when we cant dare to dream such henious crime to do?  she has smartly alleged fake rape case on me and has mentioned that rape happened one month back…. she filed four complaints against us and all four complaints are different in contexts…

My wife is running behind DCP office, courts , layers chambers and police stations to drag me from these false allegations but she alone have limitations as she has to look after her job and office and our home and my mom too…(VICTIMIZATION OF TWO WOMEN IN NAME OF ONE WOMAN)

We all were living happily before my younger brother marriage and one wrong girl in our family has not just ruined our happiness but our image, careers, life in fact everything….

i wish and humbly request you to help us…

we have enough evidence like phone recordings and audio recordings of that heartless lady which proves our innocence on other hand that girl has false and different complaints in contexts ,no evidence to prove her rape , not get medically examined and doesnt reported the incidence in 24 hours coz she knew if wud have told the police that it happened just few days back she wud have got medically examined and have caught red handed there only…

Pls protect us , we will not put our heads down in front of these fake complaints and will fight till these people will get charged for fake rape cases , criminal conspiracy , defamation , adultery and other cases….

we want to teach a lesson to such ladies and families of girls who are blindly filling fake cases against their husbands and in laws and to any one know or even unknown to them..

Because of such misuse of rape laws real victims will also be looked at with doubt , their justice will suffer.. real rape accused will live freely in the society and more fake rape cases will grows up
statistically more innocent families will suffer .. time is not far when indian jails will get full of innocent people…

It will become a story like sher aya sher aya and no one listen to anyone who will cry for help …


Disclaimer: This is a true story shared by a false case victim. Verification of Authenticity of this post by any genuine authority can be done by connecting with the blog owner here: . If you wish to share your story, do write to us on the same ID. 


  1. Regrettably feminize do not speak against such instances. The fools that they are , they think that such women are their front line crusaders taking the flag march forward.. to demolish age old patriarchy system…….In reality…….it is creating reaction of ‘Hate towards them’…..and although it is not a good way to respond………the increase in number of murders after rape should be an eye opener to them

  2. thanks for highlighting this . Interestingly , the police + judiciary are aware of this … See post / news item below
    ////////A serving judge highlighted how a Delhi high court ruling that the DCP’s nod is a must before arresting in-laws of a woman in a case of marital cruelty has been negated by police. “We have observed a trend where police have actively aided misuse of dowry- and cruelty-related marital provisions.

    Despite HC directives, certain police stations include 354 (outraging modesty) or causing injuries as additional sections in the FIR. Police then immediately lodge the FIR saying since it is not a simple case of 498A or 406 IPC, permission of DCP is not required.”///////////

  3. They want to pay 20 lakhs rather than show all the evidences! To be able to reproduce more like themselves? When you cut a deal that’s the end of legal options.

    Why will media tell the world their story? That they were totally innocent but forced to pay 20 lakhs?

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