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MR. PRIME MINISTER – Old Age parents are pleading for DEATH and your ATTENTION

Every year, thousands of senior citizens both men and women get arrested under trumped up cases of Dowry in India. At stake is their reputation, good will built over a life time in the society and worst – money they saved for old age. Their mistake in most cases is – a failed marriage of their son. In my understanding and experience of working on this issue till now, in most cases, parents have to part away with large sums to settle the case and many a times their property too. Laws and Judiciary is so biased that in order to give relief to one woman(whose claims might not be genuine at all in most cases) , lives of many is jeopardized. Here is a letter written by an old age man to the Prime Minister of India seeking some relief from immense trauma and pain because of a case filed by his daughter in law after 6 years of separation –


Respected Narendra Modi Sahib,

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,

New Delhi.


Respected Sir,

Every Indian is feeling proud to have you as Prime Minister of India. Everybody is expecting so much from you. It looks like Sun of injustice is going down and Sun of justice is getting heights. This time Indian people have chosen you instead of your party i.e., BJP hence it seems you will deal with the problems of the country seriously and we wish GOD will bless you with success in achieving your goals. One of the biggest problems of the country these days, is misuse of laws made for suffering and deprived women of the country. These are 498 A, Domestic Violence etc.

These laws nowadays are not used for justice, but are used to settle scores with the in laws or are commonly used to grab property of in- laws. As per court records, more than 90 % of cases are fake and are not used to address the actual problems of the family. Congress has been a threat to our culture and family values during their rule. We have lost our SANSKRITI due to Congress only. Laws were made in such a way that the family system is getting destroyed. One or all members of the families are engaged with Police or and courts these days because of misuse of these laws. These laws are being used by daughter-in-laws to grab hard earned money and property of Senior Citizens, which they have earned during the course of their lives so that they can live peacefully in old age. We feel like living in hell and no government department is helping us because of the motive of women empowerment.

We want to share our bad experiences with you in brief: Image

I am retired Govt officer, Senior Citizen (Age 67 years) and my wife, a housewife living at C 12/412, Yamuna Vihar, Delhi-53. WE have worked hard throughout our life to have a peaceful life at this age. When we are at the last stage of our life, our daughter- in- law has framed us in false/fabricated Domestic Violence case. Our elder son is serving in Indian Air Force and our daughter-in-law stayed with him wherever he went for posting. Now, since 2007 she has been staying with her parents (During Jan., 2005 to Nov.,2005 also, she stayed with her parents) and, in 2012, she filed a case for false/fabricated Domestic Violence case against us. She is doing all types of ill practices to grab our hard earned property. She is getting full support from her family members especially from her brother who is an Army Officer (Major named C_____________) This man Army Officer is threatening our fundamental rights of living, by using his designation to influence Government departments to work in his favor.

We have approached every possible offices and officials of India but none of them finds this problem big enough to look in to it. We even approached Hon’ble President of India for justice, and requested him if he cannot help us then please give us the permission for MERCY KILLING, may be that is the only way left to prove our innocence.

Laws made for woman are misused commonly these days. Even Hon’ble Supreme Court has addressed it as LEGAL TERRORISAM. Because of these laws, families in India are falling apart. People irrespective of their ages and gender are falling prey to these laws. Misuse of these laws is on the rise as a incurable disease. Suicide cases are on the rise because of this disaster. There are official datas available supporting our statements.

In the end, we request you however to please see our plight by getting the needful done. If we are found guilty, we should be punished but if we are not found guilty then our daughter in law and her family should be punished as per law. There is a serious need to take some preventive measures to stop misuse of these type of laws. Here are some suggestions from our side:

1) There has to be a control over police, they take such cases as money making machine. Harder the law more is the income. This makes misuse of law a great possibility

2) A lady can frame a whole family in 498 A and DV. If the family is not found guilty then the petitioner framing false case should be punished equally. This will encourage only genuine cases which will save time and money of the Government. This will also help inreducing misuse of the law.

3) WOMAN COMMISION should be controlled and governed by women who are living a successful family life, rather than women with disputed family background.

4) LAWS made for suffering women are making women suffer, because other than daughter- in- laws there are ladies in the family who fall prey to the ill practice. So, if we are looking for women welfare, then ladies from both ends should be considered. Definition of“deprived suffering woman” should not be taken as daughter-in-law only. It is very strange that Saas, Bhabhi, Nanand, Chachi, Mami etc. other ladies are not treating ‘MAHILA’ by anydepartment.

5) Laws should not be gender biased. Any body found guilty should be punished under provisions of laws irrespective of his caste, gender and position in society.

This letter may kindly be acknowledged and hoping to receive a constructive reply by way of actions having been taken to help Senior Citizens, under which, they have been placed by daughter-in-law and her brother Major C____________.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,


(Shakuntla Sharma) (Devi Dayal Sharma)

Adress: C 12/412, Yamuna Vihar, Delhi-110053


Here’s another one of the same kind where an old man pleaded for mercy killing:


Section 498A of IPC has been anointed as the most abused law in the Indian Judiciary…. Perhaps more than TADA/POTA. Supreme Court has recorded it as ‘Legal Terrorism.’ Lacs of men and their families have been ruined because of this law, as it assumes a person guilty on mere allegations by a married woman. The law has become a tool to settle scores in case of a marriage gone wrong. Old grannies, ailing fathers, children, pregnant sisters, young boys have been arrested without any iota of evidence in many cases.  More than 22 Lac people have been put behind bars in last 15 years only that includes 5 lac women. There is no other law ever in which so many women have been Jailed. Despite several observations by our HCs, SC, the law remains the same on the statute and terrorism continues. Several people have killed themselves at the altar of this law.

I am directing a documentary film – Martyrs of Marriage – documenting lives of people who have suffered at the hands of this draconian law. 

Stories shared on this blog are by victims of abuse of this law. Writer does not take any onus of authenticity of these stories. Names have been kept confidential to avoid revealing any identities. If you are a media house who wish to connect with these people, kindly write to us at