Our Souls died the day we were falsely Accused!

A True Account:

Due to my upbringing, I’d spent my entire life with the belief that women really are more respectable and better than men in every sense but the past year and a half of my life has somehow made me rethink.

old man

A 68 year old handicapped father is all I have in the name of family and he’s theonly reason that keeps me alive despite of all the harassment I’ve been made to face courtesy the CAW Cell, Domestic Violence Act, Mahila Aayog. I have sufficient proofs that my so called wife’s cases are not only fraudulent but she married me with the sole intention of extorting my father’s property but no one wants to listen.

I’ve felt like ending my life on numerous occasions but I guess it won’t help me or the other men who are being extorted with the help of tools provided by my country’s judicial system. I have no other option but to show up at these avenues of extortion whenever required. So my question to you is – can anyone help people like me and my father? Is there a way to take down such women who want nothing more but money out of a marriage?

My father is a retired social psychologist (a national awardee) who has worked for the rehabilitation of the handicapped and various charitable organizations his entire life. That man along with me has been accused of dowry and violence. I think our souls died the very moment such accusations were made, what’s left is at the discretion of a corrupt & manipulated one sided system.



Section 498A of IPC has been anointed as the most abused law in the Indian Judiciary…. Perhaps more than TADA/POTA. Supreme Court has recorded it as ‘Legal Terrorism.’ Lacs of men and their families have been ruined because of this law, as it assumes a person guilty on mere allegations by a married woman. The law has become a tool to settle scores in case of a marriage gone wrong. Old grannies, ailing fathers, children, pregnant sisters, young boys have been arrested without any iota of evidence in many cases.  More than 22 Lac people have been put behind bars in last 15 years only that includes 5 lac women. There is no other law ever in which so many women have been Jailed. Despite several observations by our HCs, SC, the law remains the same on the statute and terrorism continues. Several people have killed themselves at the altar of this law.

Martyrs of Marriage is a documentary film documenting lives of people who have suffered at the hands of this draconian law. 

Stories shared on this blog are by victims of abuse of this law. Writer does not take any onus of authenticity of these stories. Names have been kept confidential to avoid revealing any identities. If you are a media house who wish to connect with these people, kindly write to us at martyrsofmarriage@gmail.com 

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  1. its very painful…..one can realise who is falsely accused…..we should not give up…..but should strongly fight agianst it……

  2. Dear Friend,

    I’m writing because I can relate to your words. My brother’s callous wife dragged my family into 498a for the sheer greed and stupidity of her parents.

    I remember the day my mother said these same words. “Our souls died the very moment such accusations were made.”

    My father and mother have been educators all their lives. And that is what they passed on to my brother and me. We were well educated and taught the values of virtue. But my parents also taught us that if we didn’t do any harm to anyone, nobody will cause us harm. This is where they fell short of insight. Because the rest of the world didn’t get that memo.

    I may not be able to heal your pain, or lessen your grief. But I will share what one of our friends told my mother when she said those words.

    “They do not deserve this. That despicable family. Nothing. They do not deserve even a single teardrop of ours. We will not shed tears because of them or the pain they have caused us. Even our single teardrop is more pious and precious than their entire existence. Then why should we weaken ourselves because of these low-lifes?.”

    I don’t know how but these words from that person helped us. Made us stronger. Helped us get through the ordeal. They still do.

    So, my friend, your life is too precious to be lost because of such dissolute people. They do not deserve your life. DO NOT give it to them.

    I concluded that, though it may sound trivial, count on the fact that some people will bring you down. Because they have nothing better to do. Because they have known nothing better. To overcompensate something that they lack, they will try to damage others. This is their entertainment. This is their job.

    Our job is to rise above it. Not by their standards.But by your own.

    I know it is easier said than done. But engulfed by these immoral people, what other choice do we have?

  3. Thanks everyone for your words and support. Can’t agree more with Mr. Bal.

    I just came back from the court a couple of hours ago. We’ve reached the mediation centre of Tis Hazari Court and the ‘DV-Dowry racket’ gets funnier as I explore newer avenues of our system. The mediator clearly asks me to ‘buy peace’ for myself. When I ask him why and from where am I supposed to bring such money, he tells me that this is a price me and my father have to pay doesn’t matter how we arrange it since I married such a woman. To my surprise, there are posters in that centre which say ‘Buy Peace’. I completely fail to understand where my country is heading and why such organized crimes are not only being tolerated but also promoted.

    The icing on the cake was my alleged wife’s lawyer threatening me right there in front of everyone. Her words were “I’ll see you in court for the next 5-10 years. So either you pay up or I’ll put you in jail”. My father is not in a condition that I can take him to these places anymore, hence I’m usually visiting these places alone. This girl on the other hand has at least 4 people with her at all times and they do not refrain from bad mouthing, lewd commenting, insulting, abusing, threatening; and the best part is that they do it all within our ‘legal institutions serving justice’. I was shocked to see her lawyer intimidate me like that. But of course, can I do anything about it? The answer is NO.

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